Wednesday, March 26, 2014


^^Having a Beyonce moment with my hair.

Sometimes as I'm walking on this earth, I see things that people do that just puzzle me. I've started compiling a short list of these: 
  • People who don't flush the toilet (especially in public restrooms).
  • People who think Macaroons actually taste good. 
  • Stomach sleepers. Maybe if I chopped off my arms this might appeal to me...
  • People who wear jackets on their shoulders. Come on fashion bloggers... just put the damn jacket on! 
  • Jeans with sneakers. Unless you're Steven Jobs, then you can do whatever you want. 
  • People who sing out loud in public places. You're making me uncomfortable.
  • People who think the shows Two and a Half Men and Anger Managment are funny. 
  • People who sit right next to you at movies or on public transportation when there are a billion seats available.
  • Slow walkers.

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Monday, March 17, 2014


I don't really have much to say today. But my post title rings true. Isn't acne an affliction? I've been struggling with it since the 5th grade so shouldn't I technically be on disability by now? How is it that there are cures for tons of diseases and viruses but none for acne? Are we putting enough scientists on the case people? And is anyone else really conflicted about the Proactiv commercials? I tried Proactiv as a teenager and it didn't do anything for me but I feel like they are acting like it's some miracle cure! There is no cure! Trust me, I would be all over that. My friend Alisha once told me that when you're having a bad day or your self-esteem is particularly low, go look at the Proactiv before pictures. Sometimes I feel like maybe these people in the before pictures just never really were diligent about washing their face and using a toner so now suddenly their face looks 1000X better!? I'm not going to lie, washing my face in the morning is a struggle since I wake up to bed at the last possible minute so I probably deserve each and every one of these pocks. So with that said, I think I should be able to use my sick time for tomorrow if these abominations don't clear up by tomorrow. Pray for me. 

And here are some pictures of someone who loves me no matter what my face looks like (as long as I'm giving her scratches):

^^Tongue pictures are my favorite!
^^And it's so hard to get out of bed when you're next to this cute ball of hair. 

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Monday, March 10, 2014


I've had these white tiles from Lowes for a while and have been using them as coasters. The other day I decided I wanted to jazz them up a little. The last time I did a coaster DIY I Mod Podged Instagram pictures to them. This time I decided to use my favorite Rustoleum gold spray paint that I've used for several other DIY's around the house. Seriously guys this stuff is thick and for most of my projects I've only had to do one coat. 

1. Plain white tiles (15 cents each at Lowes)
2. Tape
3. Spray paint
4. Mod podge 

Step 1: Tape off the design you want. I used washi tape because it was the thinnest tape I had and I wanted thin lines.
Step 2: Spray it up baby! 

Step 3: Peel off tape. If you use the spray paint I used, you are in luck because this stuff dries faster than you can go to Sonic and get a Dirty Dr. Pepper. 
Step 4: So Mod Podge has a spray sealer. I know you are suppose to use like 3 coats but after one I was still able to scratch the paint off. For the other tiles I used like 3 coats of both the spray and the paste but this time I just skipped the spray because I felt like the original does such a great job that I didn't even need both (*I would still use both if you're doing the picture coasters). I did about 2 coats but you can do more to be safe. This not only keeps the paint from chipping, but it protects it from any liquid that you will set on it. Be warned, the Mod Podge will seal anything in its path. If you look closely I have little hairs and pieces of lint sealed smoothly onto my tiles. Live and learn! 

Step 5: Last but not least, apply felt circles on the bottom of the coasters and voila! Fancy coasters for everyone! And yes... I also used that same spray paint to jazz up some dollar store dinosaurs. 

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Thursday, March 6, 2014


I know I put on a brave face and seem super confident most of the time, but every now and again I get a case of social anxiety. For those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you may remember a few months back I posted that I went to H&M to returnd something, saw someone I knew, and immediatly left without returning the item. I don't really know why I do things like that. I think its the fear of awkward small talk that gets me... mixed with the fact that I was in workout clothes and Uggs. When I was younger I use to have the biggest fear or talking to strangers on the phone or in person (like asking for help at stores or the library). When I was little I use to make my friend Mary Beth order our breadsticks whenever we walked to our local pizza place because I was too scared to talk to the cashier. I think that almost everyone has a little case of social anxiety in certain situations and can relate to what I'm saying, and if you can't, here is my good friend "Social Anxiety Cat" to explain how the rest of us feel. 

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