Hi I'm Ash {Ashley}. I was born and raised in Salt Lake City and on July 13th {Friday} of 2012, I married a handsome Las Vegas boy named Spencer. My hobbies include adult acne, mixing sleeping pills with caffeinated beverages, leaving the oven on, not telling people when they have food in their teeth, looking up puppies for sale on Craigslist, taking long viral walks on Google maps, and second guessing my order at restaurants. If I had to choose a life motto, it would probably be a toss up between: "You can't sit with us!" and "Only God can judge... and Ashley." Thanks for stopping by to read a little slice of my brain, and if you don't like what I say, just chalk it up to "gangster rap made me do it."

* Disclaimer: I can't spell to save my life so if you are a member of the grammar police, you should probably just look away now. 


  1. haha. Good disclaimer. So cute!

  2. hahaha! "you can't sit with us!"
    adult acne hahaaa!
    this is great!!!!!