I never knew what FAQ meant until I started reading blogs. For those of you who aren't in the loop it means “Frequently Asked Questions.” Well I needed an extra tab so I figured I’d throw in this one, however since no one has asked me any questions, I’m just going to go ahead and make some up.

What is the perfect time length for microwaving hot chocolate?
Glad you asked. Well for most mug sizes, 1:30 is the perfect length. Not too hot, and not too cold (just like April 25th; all you need is a light jacket).

I’m looking for a good foundation. Any suggestions?
No. I’m horrible at make-up. I’m almost certain I’m wearing a shade that's meant for a moderately tan Asian.

Succulents are all the rage right now and I just impulsively bought one at Ikea! Now it’s dead. How can I possibly be less nurturing than a desert?
I too impulsively bought some at Ikea and killed my cacti. What a strange coincidence!? The key is to treat it like a text from a guy you like… ignore it and come back to it after a while (leave ‘em sweating). Seriously I've found the less I do with it, the better it is. 

Who is Ryan Gosling currently dating?
Well besides me? Eva Mendez *whore (cough, cough)*

A store offers a 50% discount on a CD that retails for $15. The sales tax is 7.25%. What does the CD cost?
False. No one pays for music anymore. 

I've been having trouble getting guys to notice me. How do I snag a hottie of my own?
There are three key things in trapping a man: beef jerky, pretend-laughing at his potty humor jokes, and cleavage; naturally. 

Now I'm getting the impression these questions were supposed to be about me? What can I say… I’m not good at this blogger thing.

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  1. hahaha you didn't know what FAQ stood for! that is super funny. and this whole section is super funny!
    "false. no one pays for music anymore."