Tuesday, May 22, 2012

our dream apartment {or so we thought}

So everyone has been asking what happened to me and Spencer's studio apartment that we have been talking about for months. Well I'll try to tell you the short version of this very frustrating story: 

So a few weeks ago I went to go pick up the key to our new apartment. Spencer was at work and I just coulnd't wait until he got back to see it so a snuck on over there. Low and behold when I got there the key was NOT to our apartment, but to the apartment across the hall. I drove like a mad woman back to the office to tell the receptionist the mistake. Now let me describe the receptionist... or as she likes to call herself "the office manager." She is a ghetto over-weight spinster who wears over-sized hoop earrings, has ghetto-licious long acrylic nails, and pencil thin draw-in eyebrows... and I hate her with a passion. When I told her what happened she was ZERO help and extremely rude. She showed me the contract and low and behold the number written on it matched the one on the door across the hall. BUT when we went and toured the apartment they were still being built and didn't have doors, let alone numbers so we wrote down whatever number she told us that apartment would eventually be called. It was OBVIOUSLY her fault but she was too proud to admit it, even though we had asked her a dozen times which number that apartment was. She said the only thing she could do was email the people who were given our apartment and see if they wanted to trade us, but they were on their honeymoon and wouldn't be able to respond in a while. I wont lie... I drove about a block and then pulled over and sobbed hysterically. Our dream apartment was gone... the one we made sure to get the first tour of... the one we signed up for on the spot and were the first ones to sign a contract... the one that we drove past for two months and got giddy about... the one we told everyone about... it was gone. I felt sick all weekend wondering what would happen and why this was happening to us. On Monday Spencer and I took his brother who is a lawyer over to the office with us. Long story short there was a giant blow up and FINALLY the property manager stopped hiding in the back long enough to come out and say he was going to call the police on us. We finally got him to calm down and after pointing out all the reasons they were wrong and that they should call the honeymooners up and tell them it was their fault the they had to live next door... they still wouldn't budge and told us all they could do was wait to see what the honeymooners said. BUT one good thing came out of the yelling match; the property manager agreed to let us out of our contract (which the fat receptionist told us it was our responsibility to sell it).
After our meeting Spencer happened to look up the reviews on the company... and they were HORRIBLE! Everyone also complained about fat office manager and the fact that the property manager would never come out of his office. This fact, and the fact that they had been so rude to us, made me become uneasy about living there. 

So... then we had to play the waiting game... and while we waited... I grew an ulcer. Seriously I have never felt so unsettled in my life! I just kept thinking, I know this is happening for a reason, but I just didn't understand what that reason was. The next night I thought, hey those honeymooners wont be home for another week, so we might as well see what other apartments are out there while we wait. So I found 4 apartments that looked good and I made appointments to see them the very next day. That night I asked Spencer to pray about what we should do. 

The next morning I woke up with a calm feeling. Like everything was going to be alright. A few hours later we went out to see 4 apartments. The first one seemed a little pricey, and the pictures made it hard to tell if it was nice or not. And while we were driving there, I began to wonder why I had written it down in the first place. BUT when we walked in to the apartment, we fell in love. The pictures did not do it justice! There were 2 bathrooms, a HUGE bedroom, a washer & dryer, walk in closet, vanity area separate from the bathroom, tiled floors, a fireplace, ceiling fans, and much more! It was a huge upgrade from our previous apartment, and it was only around $30 more after utilities than our old apartment. We went and saw the other three apartments but we just kept comparing them to the first one. And to sum it all up, we got out of the first contract and into this one. 

The new apartment

I cannot wait to start my life with Spencer in this apartment. It just feels like home. I also can't wait to decorate it with all the things we registered for. Next up... I hope to post about my ring because I've been meaning to for sooooo long! AND Spence and I are going to Washington this weekend to visit his mission. I love road trips with that cutie!  

Spencer and I on our way to The Avengers as Thor and Blackwidow. 

A sneak peak at our invites I'm designing.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

the times are 'a' changin'

I never thought I would be one of those people that went a month with out writing but here we are. A LOT has happened since I wrote last. I finally got my engagement ring {which I'm totally obsessed with} and I want to write a post about that but that will have to be my next post because I don't have time right now. But here is a quick update about my life right now:

  • I graduated. YES yes yes!!!!!!!!!! I did it. In fact my mom said something along the lines about how she thought I wouldn't finish a few times but what can I say; those of us who know we were destined to be trophy house wives of rich accomplished men have a harder time focusing in school. Oh and my sister and I graduated together so it was even more special.  
  • I got a job. No, it has nothing to do with my major, but being stuck in Provo for another 2 years {because of the ball and chain} there are just no advertising jobs here that interest me but I love my job at SOS Physical Therapy so I am happy. 
  • I've finally finished designing my wedding dress and although it strays a little from the original plan, I know I will love it even more. Someone commented to me how brave I was to design my own ring and wedding dress because she was afraid if she did that it would turn out bad and I thought... NO the scary thing would be to let someone else do it! I am one of the worlds biggest control freaks/micro-managers and to people like us, no one else can do a better job than ourselves. I'm honestly thinking about doing my own hair and make-up because I know if someone else did it I would just keep thinking about how I could do it better. 
  • Me and Spence's apartment is suppose to be ready Saturday, and we may or may not have climbed the balcony and broke in last Sunday to see the progress. I cant wait! I've never lived somewhere that no one else has lived before! Everything is so NEW! 
  • I also threw a fun brunch/bridal shower for my friend Amanda. Two of my closest friends {Amanda and Aliska} are getting married right before me and I can't wait to be one of their bridesmaids and for them to be mine. They will both be so gorgeous and I am so jealous they are beating me down the isle. 
  • Lastly my other best friend Alisha had a baby and I am so exciting to spoil little Summer Ruby Stephens. She is the cutest thing! 
Well Spence and I are off to our friend Tatum's reception. Geez everyone is getting married but me! Oh and on top of that my sister and her fiance are eloping in Vegas tomorrow. Wish I could be there Melissa! Love you!! Chaos! 
Summer Ruby

Graduation with the Boo

The Shower

A sneak peak at the dress