Thursday, May 3, 2012

the times are 'a' changin'

I never thought I would be one of those people that went a month with out writing but here we are. A LOT has happened since I wrote last. I finally got my engagement ring {which I'm totally obsessed with} and I want to write a post about that but that will have to be my next post because I don't have time right now. But here is a quick update about my life right now:

  • I graduated. YES yes yes!!!!!!!!!! I did it. In fact my mom said something along the lines about how she thought I wouldn't finish a few times but what can I say; those of us who know we were destined to be trophy house wives of rich accomplished men have a harder time focusing in school. Oh and my sister and I graduated together so it was even more special.  
  • I got a job. No, it has nothing to do with my major, but being stuck in Provo for another 2 years {because of the ball and chain} there are just no advertising jobs here that interest me but I love my job at SOS Physical Therapy so I am happy. 
  • I've finally finished designing my wedding dress and although it strays a little from the original plan, I know I will love it even more. Someone commented to me how brave I was to design my own ring and wedding dress because she was afraid if she did that it would turn out bad and I thought... NO the scary thing would be to let someone else do it! I am one of the worlds biggest control freaks/micro-managers and to people like us, no one else can do a better job than ourselves. I'm honestly thinking about doing my own hair and make-up because I know if someone else did it I would just keep thinking about how I could do it better. 
  • Me and Spence's apartment is suppose to be ready Saturday, and we may or may not have climbed the balcony and broke in last Sunday to see the progress. I cant wait! I've never lived somewhere that no one else has lived before! Everything is so NEW! 
  • I also threw a fun brunch/bridal shower for my friend Amanda. Two of my closest friends {Amanda and Aliska} are getting married right before me and I can't wait to be one of their bridesmaids and for them to be mine. They will both be so gorgeous and I am so jealous they are beating me down the isle. 
  • Lastly my other best friend Alisha had a baby and I am so exciting to spoil little Summer Ruby Stephens. She is the cutest thing! 
Well Spence and I are off to our friend Tatum's reception. Geez everyone is getting married but me! Oh and on top of that my sister and her fiance are eloping in Vegas tomorrow. Wish I could be there Melissa! Love you!! Chaos! 
Summer Ruby

Graduation with the Boo

The Shower

A sneak peak at the dress

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  1. yay love the picture of my beautiful summer ruby and you :) and I'm sad I missed out on the photo at the shower. Oh well it was super fun!!! you throw a mean garden brunch :)