Sunday, April 8, 2012

things you wont find at my wedding...

If you are getting married like me (or if you just have a Pintrest account) than you probably have been looking at a lot of different wedding ideas. Through it all I have found a lot of themes that either make me want to vomit, confuse me, or just aren't my style. So here are some recent wedding trends that you just wont find incorporated in my wedding:


The giant baloon

The dreaded railroad tracks. If you are an avid train collector I will let this one slide.

The foreground/background shot. This really tells me who wares the pants in the family. 

What's with all these people having books in their engagement pictures? They are either laying on a blanket covered in books, or holding them in front of their face while peaking out from behind and making a dumb face. All I can say is if you use a book, there better be some kind of significance. 

 Alright people, this one is a double whammy! First off THEMED engagements are a train wreck (no pun intended to the poor couple on the tracks above)! You weren't born in the 1940's, so stop trying to pull a Notebook on us all. You know when you look back at a friend or family member's wedding pictures from the 80's and they have the poofy perm and the huge sleeves and a dress that looks like a sequin/bead factory threw up on them?? Well this is like that, except for people are going to look back on your pictures and see an out dated picture of you trying to be even MORE outdated than you already are. Also, my second problem with this photo is the whole NO SMILE thing. I'm sorry are you suppose to be in love or are these going in your modeling portfolio? Can you at least act like it's the happiest day of your life? 


Who is that at my wedding? I can't tell because they are hiding behind a MUSTACHE! What is going on these days? I'm going to try to be sensitive about this one because it is STILL very trendy and I'm sure I know and will continue to know people who do this at their weddings but I can't help but feel people are only doing it because it's a trend. PLEASE someone; anyone, tell me what is the point of this??

Speaking of things you hold that have absolutely no purpose what-so-ever... the windmill is also another culprit of the mustache crime. I mean lets be honest... do you really think your groom wants to hold a windmill? NO. You're only making him do it because you saw someone else do it on a cute vintage wedding blog and you just couldn't resist.  

The Candy Station: 
Ok, is this cute: ya. Is it over done: Heck yes! Like a burnt cookie that you forgot to take out of the oven because you got preoccupied on Pintrest! I have had a lot of friends do this and if it is your thing, go for it. In fact, I think my future mother-in-law might want to do this at our Vegas open house so I can't completely bash on it but you will NOT find this at my reception because it has been beaten to death by every other bride in the world! I once even went to a wedding where all they had to eat was the candy from the candy table!! I never wanted to run 5 miles in my blistering heels so bad to the nearest McDonald's before! 

Last but not least I just wanted to touch on this... "trends" are dangerous because they fade fast and they date you. Stick to things that are classic and when you look back on them 30 years from now you wont think "what was I thinking!?" With that said, I (generally) want to burn the shoes of any bride who wears sneakers, flip flops, or cowgirl boots on their wedding day. I say generally because a) I know I have had friends who have done it and don't want to offend them b) if it really is symbolic or rooted deep into your soul, than I can forgive you and c) if you are from a small town or own a ranch, then YES you can wear cowgirl boots and I will live with it. 

Well, hopefully I didn't send any past or future bride into a hysterical cry fest by bashing on ALL of not most of their wedding ideas, but just wanted to share some things I was sick of seeing on the wedding blogs, and that no one will see at mine! See ya there (but probably not)! 


  1. hahaha i am laughing so hard right now. this is your best post yet. the big balloon!! THANK YOU for addressing the moustaches! ugh i am so sick of moustaches. what is the obsession!?hahaha man i love this. good call on the call outs of dumb wedding bloopers.

    1. Haha Thanks. Ya I don't know who started the mustache thing but it's time to retire it.