Wednesday, April 4, 2012

a vacation from... nothing

I tried the turban headband this week... and I think it's growing on me.

This weekend my parents were driving to Colorado to see my Sister's new baby and I thought... well I'm not in school, and don't have a job, why not go with them? So Friday night I headed to SLC. That day I went on a hike with my nieces and nephew. I thought it was going to be hard core but it turned out to be a paved trail going around Hogle Zoo. My 4 year old nephew learned how to work my iPhone and took about 40 pictures. Here are some samples to give you a taste (except for the top one, I'm the amazing photographer of that):

Later that night I went to my gorgeous friend Amanda's bridal shower (who is getting married a month and 1/2 before me! Lucky girl). Then Saturday morning I was up at the  butt-crack of dawn {aka 8am} for the long road nap to CO. 

Here are some other things that happened this weekend: 

I saw and became obsessed with my new niece Lilli. She isn't very fun though because she just sleeps and eats.

My Dad had his 68th birthday! He is so spry for his age.

We flew a kite.

I ordered cheese fries but couldn't tell if there were actually fries underneath.

I contemplated renting this movie... oh wait no I didn't. This is my nightmare. 

I had my first FaceTime experience with this hottie-pants (well at least I think he is). 

Well that about sums it up. I also went and picked out fabric for my wedding dress that my mom is making and went to look at my ring mold. Cant wait to have the finished product on this finger! Halla! Oh and today I impulsively decided to quit Dr. Pepper until the wedding. For those of you who don't know I actually don't have blood running through my veins; it's pure DP. Sometimes I wonder which is faster; attaching myself to a DP IV drip, or carrying around one of those camel backpacks full of it. I need to get skinny before the big day and soda is not helping these thighs any. Also I want to prove to myself I can actually make a goal and accomplish it... unlike last years cleanse, keeping my room clean, reading my scriptures, finishing that screen play, going to the gym... I'm just going to stop so I don't humiliate myself. All I can say is if you see me with a DP a week from now, know that my intentions were there. And if you run into me in the next 3 months, may God help you.


  1. I like your do you make it so subtly curly? and will you please do mine....every day... :)

    1. Well since I got a bazillion blowout it's not super curly anymore and then I just put beach wave spray stuff and scrunch it a little. Hey you're hair is pretty similar! what are you talking about!?