Wednesday, March 26, 2014


^^Having a Beyonce moment with my hair.

Sometimes as I'm walking on this earth, I see things that people do that just puzzle me. I've started compiling a short list of these: 
  • People who don't flush the toilet (especially in public restrooms).
  • People who think Macaroons actually taste good. 
  • Stomach sleepers. Maybe if I chopped off my arms this might appeal to me...
  • People who wear jackets on their shoulders. Come on fashion bloggers... just put the damn jacket on! 
  • Jeans with sneakers. Unless you're Steven Jobs, then you can do whatever you want. 
  • People who sing out loud in public places. You're making me uncomfortable.
  • People who think the shows Two and a Half Men and Anger Managment are funny. 
  • People who sit right next to you at movies or on public transportation when there are a billion seats available.
  • Slow walkers.

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