Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Change... that's all my life has been lately. And with someone who's anxiety says "poo-poo" to change, it's been a roller coaster. But as of yesterday, I can finally relax about one thing on my long list... we have found a place to live! Oh, you didn't know we were moving... well neither did anyone else. We've decided to move somewhere pet friendly so that we don't have to sneak around with Zero for another year. Last night we found this gorgeous basement apartment in a newly built house. These pictures were taken at night so it doesn't do it justice:

^^Kitchen. Door to the left is a pantry. Door to the right goes to the washer and dryer and a storage area.

^^Living room. The carpet really isn't that brown. It's just the bad lighting, and I think it's wet from being steam cleaned.

^^View from the outside door when you walk in. To the left is the kitchen and straight in front is the living room. 
^^View from living room. Straight ahead (with windows) is the door to the outside. As you walk out of the living room, on your right and left side are two storage closets. 

^^ Straight ahead is the bathroom. If you turn right there is one bedroom and to your left is the 2nd bedroom. Before you hit the bedrooms, on the right is the door to the outside with a cute coat rack and shoe storage.

^^ Double sinks with storage in the middle.  

^^One of the bedrooms. They are identical with ceiling fans and double doored closets.

I had to leave the pictures micro because they were taken with a phone and were way too pixelated. The only other thing in the basement (besides us) is a theater room which they said we can use anytime! Party at our house anyone? The other plus is it's just some 20 something year old that owns it and he lives there with his brother (their dad is a contractor and is working on the brother's house while they live together). I wish my dad was a contractor and would build me a sweet house! Well there you have it. And Zero gets a nice little fenced in yard to run around in. I can't wait to move, but hate the moving process itself. Next up I'll tell you all about Spencer's career change... yikes! Sing us out David Bowie. 

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