Friday, July 19, 2013


This is my "It's pouring rain but also 95 degrees outfit" outfit.

I wanted to post the other day, but then I found this apartment. This apartment that was PERFECT. And I allowed myself to get excited. And then... we found out that the internet and cable it had was super crappy and slow and was not up-gradable. Now if you are married to a gamer like me... that is a DEAL BREAKER! It was a very depressing afternoon after that and I couldn't bring myself to type. Womp womp. And of course I have also been slacking majorly on my projects but I think I might wait until the blog is done to show them. In the meantime... remember this vinyl lettering piece I made a while back? Well I decided I hated how dark the blue was and I'm now working on re-doing it with my favorite color... white! HA! I'm also working on making a runner for my friend Laura's table {sorry it has taken so long Laur} and hopefully I will do a tutorial on that too. 

Also Spencer and I have been trying to hit the gym a lot lately and we've been pretty good on our goal. We are going to Lake Tahoe in a little less than a month and since I will be living in a swimsuit, I'm feeling a little like this sad Sally below. 

And here are some texts that made me laugh: 
I bought a coffee table book with pictures of dogs (which we call doogs)... then I also bought some shoes. This seemed like the appropriate time to slip that info in.

You know when you're in high school and your parents go out of town and leave you money for food? Well I left this note for Spencer when I went to California and I thought I was just soooo funny {and yes I know I have boy handwriting}...
...which was made more funny when he sent me this text while I was gone. 

And with that said... it's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do something irresponsible {like drinking a Dr. Pepper}! 


  1. hahaha. good post. random :)

    1. Haha I know. Sometimes there is just no room for coherency in life.

  2. Replies
    1. KKKKK. I'm coming down tomorrow so maybe I can see you and the babe for a sec. Maybe a couples lunch??