Sunday, January 13, 2013

i've been married longer than kim kardashian. someone give me an award.

Happy 6 months to me and my Stink!

I've been meaning to write all week... but work has been crazy so I never had time. Last week while Spencer was snowboarding I decided to use a piece of plywood that I had left over from a Christmas present I made for my sister similar to this. I also made a babyshower present that was similar here. For this project I did some things differently. 

1. First I measure spaces and drew in lines with pencil where I wanted the letters
2. Stick the vynel letters on (oh and don't forget to sand down everything first) 
3. Paint over the letters with your choice of color (forgot to take a picture of this step)
4. Once paint is dry, peel off the letters

This next part is where I had to get a little creative. I'm sure there is "glitter paint" out there, but I wanted to use big specks of glitter so once I peeled off the letters, I painstakingly painted the inside of each letter cut out gold, and then sprinkled gold flakes over it (the wet paint acted as glue). To get a better hold I probably could have put a coat of Mod-Podge over the gold paint but instead after I was done I sprayed about 3 coats of Mod-Podge acrylic sealer over the glitter. This is to help the glitter from shaking loose. I'm sure there are better ways to do this (and faster) but it worked well and I love the result!              

This last week I also made some recipes form Pinterest that turned out really well. 

First up was Portobello Pizza. I didn't really use one recipe, but brushed the shrooms with a garlic/olive oil mixture, cooked them for about 20 minutes, then dressed them with pizza sauce, cheese, olives, and pepperonis. Then just stick it under the broiler until it looks done. For those of you who are scared of shrooms or don't like them that much, cook them on small mushrooms  I promise you wont even notice that thats what they are! 

 Next up was a Carrot Feta salad. It was really great and we even put some balsamic dressing on it to add some flavor. Recipe found here.

Crunchy Baked Chicken. Easy and delicious. Recipe here.

Welp it's freezing here and I don't like it one bit. Especially since in the surrounding states it's warming up this weekend. Come on Utah! Get it together! Here's to warmer days.

Hot chocolate to warm us body and soul.

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