Wednesday, January 16, 2013

please don't interrupt me kanye, i'm about to say something important

 This is the face of a girl who just... paid off her credit card! HELLSS YEAH!!!!!!!!! Is there no better feeling in the world? Maybe it just feels this good because the world is trying to tell me I deserve a shopping spree on said credit card! Ha! Well I may or may not have kinda done that already(see image below). 

(I really don't think there is anyone who loves neutrals as much as me

Remember the time when I told you guys my goals/resolutions. Well I forgot two of them. One is to take my daily vitamins and drink lots of water. The other is to have fresh flowers in the house more often. Certain flowers last longer than other ones so get some that last a while so it will be more worth your money. Here are the two bouquets I'm currently sporting in our house!

As most of you know I started a sewing class. It's day 3 and look! I can already sew a straight line! I'm a natural... Waah waah... I wish. But tomorrow we start on Pajama pants. I chose the fabric below. I was in a rush (because Spencer took forever making up his mind at Forever21. Shopping with that boy gives me anxiety) so don't judge me. I really wanted silk PJ's but apparently that's not a fabric for beginners and was not allowed. 

Well I guess it's time for my cooking segments right? Jeesh I never knew I would {still} be so ambitious with last years resolution of actually acting on the Pinterest recipes and crafts I pin. As you know Sunday was Spence and I's 6 month mark of marriage. Few! Didn't think we'd make it there fore a while! {Hopefully that was an obvious joke}. Anywho, I decided to make a cake... and then I realized I didn't have a cake pan and I don't really like cake so I made cupcakes instead... which are pretty much the same as cake, but don't tell me that. If you know me well you know I'm not a sweets person. I don't care for cake and cookies and brownies. When I say that people assume I'm a super-freak health nut! I'm not... I would just gladly exchange a brownie for salty french fries. When I do have a sweet craving however, I'm a sucker for cookie dough, and therefore I made this recipe found here. Don't let the 3 part process (cupcake, cookie-dough, frosting) scare you! It's easy and I had almost all the ingredients already. Plus you can always buy the pre-made cookie-dough and save yourself a step. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

So I got another Bountiful Basket... I LOVE them! This is what I got this week. Get one now! Here.

So I am always determined to use the stuff in my basket for meals. I got two avocados  Now... mother nature has really never proven to me why I should eat them, but Spencer loves them so I gave them a 2nd chance by making THIS recipe. We didn't have balsamic vinegar so we just added a balsamic vinaigrette dressing we love. I was worried it would be soggy the next day, but I actually liked it better. It was amazing scooped onto tortilla chips! 


The mystery ingredient in my basket this week was Brussels sprouts. I've never had them, Spencer hates them, and kids all around the world are spitting them out of their mouths as we speak. I found THIS recipe though that looks good for those that like them... I will let you know if I get daring enough to try. 

 Last but not least I got some strawberries and decided I wanted to try my hand at fruit leather since it only takes 3 simple ingredients (recipe here). Little did I know the commitment I was making... Oh no worries, this only takes between 8-14 hours to cook in the oven on the lowest temperature. Well, I had already made  it so I'm starting the oven process tonight and continuing on tomorrow if it doesn't look done. But I can't wait for a fun snack!

Last but not least my two favorite outfits this week: 
Denim shirt: Thrifted, Orange Pants: H&M, Riding Boots:, Leopard Belt: Forever21 

Blazer/Graphic Tee/Skirt: Cotton On, Black Bootie Wedges: Madden Girl


  1. Hello beautiful, you have a spectacular style, I love it! you are also very pretty :) congratulations for the work you do on your blog, it's great.

    A kiss from Stylish love

    1. Thank you! I love your style as well. You are gorgeous!