Saturday, January 5, 2013

the one where i resolve to do things...

 HAPPY 2013

If you are currently living in Northern Utah, then you know how much it hurts to go outside. Seriously mother nature? Is this karma trying to regain balance for the oddly warm November weather we had?

Photo credit goes to Talera Lara (because I would never be up that early).

So it's the New Year, and I hear all this crap about people saying "I'm not going to make resolutions because they never last more than a week." Do you know what another name for resolutions is? GOALS! Seriously people you should always have goals you are trying to reach or else how can you be progressing as a being? And frankly I welcome a holiday that reminds me to get my goals in check. Although this week I am planning on sitting down with the husband and writing up a list of goals and accomplishments we hope to obtain this year as a couple, here are a few of my personal ones:
  • (Prepare yourself for a cliche) Work out! I know that's what everyone says, and it's not like I don't do it; I just want to be more diligent about it and also... change my ATTITUDE! When you view working out as just another thing on your list to check off, it's not fun for you. When I am more religious about my weekly workouts, I start to miss them. I read an article the other day about the "newlywed 9." I had heard of the "freshman 15" but this one hit too close to home. I panicked because I'm pretty sure Spence and I have both gained around 9 pounds since we got married (hang my head in shame). Haha but when you're married it's harder to get to the gym when you both work and go to school all day, and when you finally have a few hours to see each other, you want to be seeing each other on the couch! So Spencer and I are starting the Insanity videos this week... or so we say. Wish us luck! 
  • Re-design my blog... this is a long time coming. 
  • Speaking of blogs... another goal of mine is to choose the blogs I read more carefully and to not become to obsessed with any one blog. For anyone out there that reads blogs, you know sometimes it can be overwhelming to read about the lives of all these people that you wish you had. I realized that sometimes after reading I would have negative thoughts about myself. It's so easy to become absorbed in the lives of these people, which makes you question your own life. You starting wishing you had more money, better hair, that you were thinner, had a husband, were more hipster/indie, knew how to take good photos, and so on. I want to have a healthy attitude about who I am and who I am striving to be, and sometimes obsessing over other peoples lives gets in the way of that. 
  • Get outside! Not right now though since its 5 degrees .. but this summer I want to enjoy the great outdoors more. Lately I've become really annoyed by technology and how it gets in the way of us communicating with other human beings and nature. I just want to turn off the TV and go for a swim or a hiking! 
  • Learn to sew. Well this is a good time to announce I am taking a sewing class on Tuesday/Thursdays. I am so excited! My mom is an expert sewer and I wish I could do all the things she does. There are two blogs that have also inspired me to sew. The first one is I mean look at this tutorial! Are you for reeeeal?

The second blog is Here is one of her tutorials:

I could save sooooooooo much money if I knew how to do things like this!

A couple other short resolutions: 
  • Keep fresh flowers in the house
  • Finish hanging everything in the apartment
  • Finish reupholstering my chairs
  • Design my balcony 
  • Start a new show... Maybe American Horror Stories?
  • Love more
  • Stay positive
  • Do more service
  • Don't feel guilty about sleeping in or taking naps on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Watch more Jazz games
  • Learn how to use Indesign and Photoshop

Resolute away my friends! 'Tis the season!

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