Monday, January 6, 2014


Oh hello world? Miss me? Can "get your blog done" count as one of my new years resolutions? Cause if so, check that the freak off my list! I still need to update some of the info in the tabs, but for the most part I'm finished and it feels so good! 
On another note, It's that time of the year for people to tell you how great this last year has been and they can't wait for what the next year will bring; they post pictures of their 2013 highlights and make little slide shows on some newfangled app called "Flipgram." 2013 for me was not bad, but not all that hot... But all I can say is at least it wasn't 2009! You couldn't pay me enough to re-live 2009! Spencer and I also only achieved a measly one out of our New Years resolutions. But hey, one is better than nothing! And one is definitely better than 2009. Anything is really. Can you tell I didn't really like 2009? 
I'm doing something different with my resolutions this year; I'm making them negative. Like not negative as in pessimistic, but using negative contractions. This way, I can more easily achieve the things I need to STOP doing, and hopefully in turn, achieve the things I need to start doing. 

1. Stop idealizing other women's bodies... and start going to the gym! 

2. Stop constantly scrutinizing what I put in your mouth... and start actually being proactive about what I eat.

3. Don't be lazy... and keep a list handy of small tasks I've been meaning to get around to.

4. Stop picking at everything in life that's not living up to my expectations... and start choosing to be happy no matter what the situation. 

5. Stop texting... and start talking. 

6. Stop holding in my emotions... and start communicating.

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7. Stop doing the same old things... and have an adventure.

8. Stop making excuses... and starting acting on things. 

Oh my...
9. Stop throwing things on the floor... and start putting everything in its place. 

10. Stop holding on to the little things... and just let it go.

11. Cut back on consumption of Dr. Pepper.

Well it feels good to be back in a world where I can vent, judge, and jabber while being meticulously scrutinized by the world! I can't wait for 2014... the year Ashley actually blogs for reals! (Because it was just fake before right?) 

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  1. arriba! I love that you crossed out DP. harhar!

  2. woohoo! Love the crossed off DP :) me too!

  3. cutest fetching blog ever. in love.and we all know that people who seriously stop drinking soda can't be trusted. so i'm glad you re-considered.

  4. cutest fetching blog ever. and we all know that people who seriously stop drinking soda for good, can't be trusted. i'm glad you re-considered.