Friday, July 12, 2013


(Picture does not represent those working on this site... but close.)

So my baby is getting a little work done right now. A friend of mine and I are working on the design process of everything and then will start implementing it on the blog. Bear with me as things start looking weird. You will also notice that my URL is different. Unfortunetly both the URL's "adashofash" dashofash" and "alittledashofash" were all taken so I had to settle with one that legitemitly had the dash (-) symbol in it. Even though ALL of those blog URLs are currenly old and not being used but apparently Google doesn't believe in telling people to give up their URL's when they are 4 years old and that person never posted a single post on their blog, and they also don't give you any contact info to email that person and say "Hey! Give me your freaking URL since you are wasting it!" Can you tell I'm super calm about this? Anyway, I kept The Skuttle & The Stink URL to redirect people here so hopefully all of you found your way. I'm way pumped about having a "big girl blog" that doesn't look like someone slapped it together in the dark after 5 shots of Vodka. So depending on how fast I can get this up and running, I may continue to post if it takes me a while but we shall see. Stay tuned!  

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