Thursday, July 11, 2013


Last weekend I went to Vegas and it was hot as hell! Seriously, it was still 105 degrees AFTER the sun went down! I'm not a sweater... but let me say Vegas made a believer out of my body. We originally just went down for a wedding, but it was nice to have it fall on the 4th of July weekend since neither of us had to work. We pretty much lived in the pool and the only way to get me out was the occasional Dr. Pepper, or the promises of a nap under the AC vent. 
Besides being able to ring out my clothes from sweat, my other fondest memory is equally is "hot." Spencer and his fellow groomsmen decided that they wanted to give Spencer {Olsen}, mangerie... as in lingerie for men. So, where else do you find the best mangerie in town besides a seedy Vegas sex shop in the heart of the old downtown that's managed by an over-eager 65 year-old woman? Lets just say it was quit the bonding experience for me and 5 giggly/blushing guys that we will all never forget. With out over sharing, the highlight was when the manager asked "where did the couple get married?"  and immediately half the guys turned around to hold in their laughter and embarrassment, as none of them dared to say "the temple of God of course!" I'm sure God had left that place a long time ago! If you ever want the full and very hilarious story, you know where to find me. 
On a side note, for those of you who don't know, we have big trees outside our apartment, and since spring the birds like to start talking to us at 4am and will not shut up. We were luck enough to enjoy the comforting and familiar sound of this in Vegas as well, as Spencer's brother's guest bedroom, is currently near a spot on the roof where a family of pigeons have deemed their new home. Except  for they liked to sing to us all day long. Spencer said the birds followed us there so we would still feel right at home. His brother Jonathan wanted to catch them with bags and then stomp on them, and being the animal lover I am I didn't want him to, but by the end of the week I was ready to punch them, stomp on them, drowned them, light them on fire, and then throw their ashes in rat poison for good measure. Too much? On a more positive note, here are the few pictures I took in Vegas: 

^^Fireworks on the strip
 ^^There was a huge forest fire nearby while we were there. 
^^Missy and {the other} Spencer. Congrats!

I'm still keeping one eye open for apartments, but Spencer and I did talk about tweaking some other finances and staying in our current place. We shall see. Everything's up in the air. Tomorrow I hope to post about the "dry" bar tray I made, and the Ikea hack I've recently done on a shelving unit. Love you all and once again, if you feel so inclined (especially if you are family) hit the follow button on your right! 

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