Tuesday, July 9, 2013


So if you haven't heard... which you probably haven't because I haven't really told anyone but family... my rent is going up. Which kind of sucks because Spence and I are already paying more than we wanted to, but it was worth it because {if you haven't been in our apartment then you may not know that...} it is 1100sq ft of awesomeness and high ceilings. BUT alas we are but poor students and I'm about sick and tired of watching half our income go to our landlord, because mama needs a new pair of shoes occasionally! So for the last 2 weeks I've been looking for places for rent, which is hard because Utahns are about the cheapest people you will ever meet and all the places are total dumps, and totally over priced. Come on people! Slap some paint on your basement apartment and add a freaking dishwasher and watch them come flocking to you!
Besides that, Spencer and I have been spoiled living the high life for the last year, so we are very picky about where we move. A washer and dryer are a MUST have. Never again will I live with out one! So is a dishwasher, which is MIA in more apartments then I thought. AND the place needs to be pretty updates. Nothing scares me more then a kitchen that looks like these:

...which is surprisingly a lot of apartment in Provo. The other thing is that there are hardly any married apartment complexes (or at least new ones) here so the majority of what we looked at is basement apartments. These however bring a few problems. All of the houses in Provo are old, and the basements have been transformed into apartments (although that wasn't their original purpose). Therefore, you get a LOT of these apartments with either, no living room, no AC or AC that is only controlled by the main floor tenants, extremely low ceilings, tiny bedrooms, barely any light coming in from outside, and less than 600sq ft. Yikes! AC and ceiling height are especially important to my taller and much warmer other half. 
Yesterday we saw a pretty good basement that was being renovated and had all new paint, carpet, and will have a whole new kitchen. The ceiling height was great and there was AC {however controlled by upstairs} and there is going to be a washer/dryer and dishwasher. However, the place was only about 500sq ft. We are seeing another basement today with the exact same perks (minus the dishwasher) and the same square footage. So far these have been the best {when factoring in the price} but I layed up all night thinking "How the heck are we going to fit all our crap in there!?" "Is this the right place for us or is there something better that will come along with the same price and perks, but a little more space?!" Maybe this is God telling me I need to live the humble life and get rid of some of my excess stuff. I mean, these to basement apartments would save us around $300 a month, which is a lot of shoes! Space... or money? And what if we get one of these and something amazing comes along!?? I'll have to vow never to look online for apartments after the decision is made! Well these are the questions that keep me up at night and I pray we will find a solution fast, because I've become obsessive about checking for apartments online {like refresh the page ever 5 minutes obsesive} which is not a good look for me. 

To add to my stress, one of our little Beta fish {Kenneth Waterman} jumped out of his bowl somehow last night and died alone and afraid in the kitchen sink. I pray he is in a better palce where Beta fish can swim in the same bowl in peace and harmony. Whether a replacement fish will be purchased has yet to be determined at this time. 

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