Monday, July 1, 2013


On Friday my brother-in-law {Greg} and his gorgeous gal {Rachel} were married, and man was it sweet. They have been dating on and off for 8 years and as they put it, everyone had "written them off" and gave up hope that he would pop the question. I don't know what changed, and we on the outside may never know, but I was glad they waited until I joined the family so I could witness it. I'm now at that age where friends are getting married right and left and therefore I have just discovered I'm a wedding crier. I've always thought of myself as one tough cookie, but apparently happiness just makes these blue eyes soggy. For those of you who don't know, I have a 6th sense. I can look at someone and usually feel whatever emotion they are feeling. This is why I'm also a crier in movies because I ALWAYS put myself in the characters shoes and am overcome with the emotions that they are feeling. So it was no surprise to me that when I made eye contact with Rachel during the ceremony, I just lost it. I was overcome with how much relief and joy she was feeling. Have you ever waited for something for 8 years? Well if you haven't it makes the payoff that much sweeter, emotional, and unbelievable. Those happy tears were also due to the fact that she has overcome a really rough childhood and hard family life and yet has turned into one the funniest, and most talented people I have ever met. I can't express how happy I am for those two, especially when it comes to the future family vacations that are in store! Anyway, I didn't get many pictures, because I was too busy having a good time, but here are a few gems I managed to sneak, {and a few I stole from Rachel}.

^^This is not a photogenic moment, but it was the only one that showed the detail in her dress.
^^Their dog Chancho (represented by the Monopoly dog} was there at the wedding wearing a bow tie. He can be seen pacing around them during the first dance video at the end.
^^Me and my blurry sweety.
^^And of course no Greg and Rachel wedding would be complete without a musical number by them.
^^ Greg is 39. Hence "almost."

I tried to post my first Instagram video but I had no service and it didn't work and the video disappeared and of course Instagram won't let you re-post/post videos from your phone that are already recorded so I guess I'll just have to settle for posting it here. 

And I'm giving everyone a virtual hug to help you all get through Monday!! 

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