Wednesday, July 23, 2014

CAT 1. ZERO 0.

Being a dog owner is full of surprises. Like when you go on a walk and a cat scratches your dogs eyeball. That my friends is a $200 walk. BAM! And yes I cried. I cried when we got home because a) being a dog mom has just made me a big softy and b) I felt responsible. Zero is such a good off-leash walker. And normally we don't let her off leash around high traffic areas, but we always take her off the leash when we get about two houses away from our home. But low and behold there were two cats on the doorstep of the house we were in front of, and she knew... That little naughty girl knew because she has seen that cat there before and wanted to go say hi but we wouldn't let her. One of her big downfalls is coming when we call her. Bulldogs are known to be one of the most stubborn breads. They don't really live for obedience like other dogs. They come when they want to come. So once Zero took off to say hi to the cat, all my shouting of STAY! COME HERE! SIT! did nothing. Of course the cat didn't know all she wanted to do was play, so she defended herself the best way she knew how. Sadly we didn't get one of those skittish running cats, but the kind that fight back. After we managed to grab her we noticed she was bleeding. A few scrapes on her head and nose, and one on her eye. We did luck out... it was only on the whites of her eye so it didn't affect her vision. And as we sat in the waiting room of the Urgent Care next to a lady who was also on a walk (but her dog was attacked by a loose pit bull), I again realized that we were lucky... even though it was an unlucky situation.

Originally the doctor gave us "the cone of shame" to keep her from itching or scratching her eye. It was so sad guys! She kept running into things, she would just sit with her head down and not look up at us, she wouldn't eat, sleep, or go outside to go potty. Around 3 AM I couldn't take it, and I wanted sleep. Her eye hadn't been bothering her before and when I took the cone off to let her eat, she still didn't seem to care about it. Now we are on day three, and although we are watching her vary carefully, we haven't had to put the cone back on her. Another moment of good fortune for The Walrus!

Sadly this did affect our plans for a weekend in Vegas. And we even went and bought her a life vest for grandma's pool! She loves it... but she loves tennis balls even more. Can we get a rain check Vegas!?

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