Friday, April 18, 2014


Guys! I've found my new marriage mantra! "I'd go the ends of the earth for you... but I'll probably complain most of the way there." Ok ok, this isn't really a mantra that anyone wants to have, but yesterday I had a wakeup call. Cue the long back story: 

After work Spencer, myself, and the Zero monster, went on a nice walk in a gated community full of million dollar homes (my favorite past time). During the walk Spencer had informed me that all he had to eat that day was a Mtn. Dew. When I got home I made some potatoes and asparagus but he said he wasn't very hungry so he just ate a little asparagus and went and laid down. Normally when Spencer takes 8 o'clock naps, he doesn't wake up until the morning... even though EVERY time he says he isn't going to sleep all night. While he was asleep, I got one small corner of our house totally done; the entryway:

You may recognize those frames from my gallery wall. I decided I didn't want to put them back on the wall because they were a little too cutesy for my style but I didn't want them to go to waste. The lanterns are from Ikea and use to be on our balcony, and no, they don't have an actual candle in them. Just some cheap-o LED tea lights. And although we have more than enough space for our shoes in our closet, I decided it just looked stupid if the built-in shoe cubby didn't have anything in it so now shoes double as decor. Anywaaaaayyy... way off base here, but once I got done I was getting ready to hop into bed, when Spencer got severe chills to the point where he couldn't get warm no matter how many blankets he had. He's had something like this before when he has gotten sick from not eating. I was so tired, and didn't have a sympathetic attitude. Especially since he had been sleeping all night and I knew it was his own fault he was feeling this way. I begrudgingly got him another blanket, got him water, eventually drew him a bath, and the kicker... he wanted me to go to the store to get him some Gatorade! Me! In my pajamas and ready for bed and no make-up and alarm set for 7am!! So off I go to Smith and wouldn't you know, I got there right at 12am, and they close at 12am (what? there are some Smith's that aren't open 27/7?). Literally the woman who pulled in in front of me got in before they locked the doors but the clerk couldn't even wait for me to get to the door! Let the sh**-rockets red glare (literally my eyes glared red); the f-bombs bursting in air; Gave proof through the night... that I was a begrudging wife! So off I go to 7Eleven to pay $19 for Spencer's demands, when it should have only cost me $10, PLUS I couldn't treat myself to those delicious Smith's cupcakes for being such a good wife. Oh the travesty! Once I got home and got Spencer out of the bath, he puke up all my delicious parmesan-lemon asparagus, and I got him into bed. 

As I lay in bed I began to realize what a complete (sorry mom) bitch I had been. Was me getting 30 minutes of sleep really that important to me that I had to complain the whole time? I mean I woke up just fine, and my breakfast Dr. Pepper sure did make things go a lot easier. The lesson I took away from this incident is that sometimes words are actually the thing that speaks louder than actions. I love Spencer and would literally take a bullet for him, but it doesn't help if while the bullet is hurdling towards me I'm screaming "This should have been you standing here and now you totally owe me."  Because after I'm dead from that bullet it will certainly leave a bad taste in Spencer's mouth... especially after he remarries someone much nicer and with a better rack. Hopefully you all can learn from my mistake, and next time someone asks you to go get Gatorade at midnight in your sweats, you say "I would love to!" 

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