Wednesday, April 16, 2014


So many of you have been asking me when I'm going to post about Spencer's career change so I guess today is the day. For those of you who know Spencer, you probably know that he has been on the med school/doctor path since high school. At the end of this semester he was scheduled to take the MCAT and had already taken an MCAT prep course. Although I don't really know his whole thought process, I know that he was beginning to have doubts if it's what he really wanted to do, and med school is a BIG commitment so you always want to be sure. He knew he would make a good doctor, but he just didn't feel passionate about it. His older brother Greg has gone to law school, partly because it's what their father and older brother did, and he ended up not liking it after graduating and working as a lawyer, and changed career paths. I think Spencer partly wanted to avoid that; especially since med school is an even longer commitment. He began to realize how much he loves talking and meeting new people, teaching, being in front of crowds, customer service, etc... He also is huge into technology. Computers, xbox, TV, phone; you name it! We once went to Best Buy and he literally spent 15 minutes telling this couple what TV to buy and not buy, and using science-y words that I didn't even know existed. His dream job would be to work for Microsoft one day (Xbox headquarters for those of you unaware). So basically now he has decided to go the business route and untimely get an MBA. At first this was a little hard for me. Partly because he was so stressed about the MCAT and school, I thought that maybe he was just changing his career path because he thought it would be easier, but in the end he said he felt good about it and it made him happy. Man, I've thought I would be a doctor's wife for so long... now who knows where the world will take us but either way I know he will be good at whatever her does.

Since Spencer has now changed his path in life, it was time to change his job. He has been a medical assistant and phlebotomist which now don't fit into his new career path. One of his good friend's dad is one of the head honchos at Franklin Covey. Yes they made planners that were a big hit in the 80's or something, but now they mostly do consulting for big companies that hire them to tell them how to run their business better. Spencer is in the last rounds of interviewing but I'm pretty positive that he will get it since he has a glowing recommendation from one of the big wigs. Now, my next anxiety attack will be due to that fact that Spencer seems to think he needs a motorcycle once he gets the job because he will be working 40hrs a week all summer and he has to commute from Provo to Salt Lake City everyday and it will save him on gas. HA! We shall see. So there you have it. Now my profile thing on the right hand side is a lie and I'm not married to the "hottest future doctor you've ever seen." Womp womp... but possible the hottest future business man?!

From all of this I would like to just share a little moral to my story: If you want to do something different then what you are currently doing, or if you want to do something that has nothing to do with your degree... go for it! Even if the world thinks you're crazy for doing it! You only have one life, you might as well enjoy what you are doing while you are here!

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