Wednesday, February 12, 2014


If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you probably know that we got a dog. I've been wanting a bulldog since I can remember and my dream has finally come true. Meet Zero! First off, her eyes aren't blue, that was just what the flash did for some reason. Second... yes she does have an eye infection called Cherry Eye, and she is getting it taken care of next week, as well as getting her lady parts removed. Rough day for her. But seriously guys... she is the sweetest, cutest, loyalist thing you have ever seen. We couldn't have picked a better dog. Lucky for us her previous owners couldn't keep her anymore, as they were gone a lot and their 8 year old pug didn't like having an overactive puppy try to play with her. Also lucky for us, they had pretty much potty trained her and taught her sit and stay and also had her kennel trained. Bonus! I've always wanted a male dog so when we found her for my birthday we were a little stumped on names. We both hated all the typical girl dog names and decided we wanted something a little more ambiguous and gender neutral. Spencer is the picky one and after two days of throwing names at him, we ultimately decided on Zero (inspired from one of my favorite movies, "The Nightmare Before Christmas").

On a gross side note... the first night we got Zero, her stomach was growling and turning all night and continued to do so all weekend. Turns out she had also thrown up that night behind the couch and did so again the next day. She was also having constant diarrhea (outside mostly). We bought grain-free gluten-free food but were beginning to wonder if that wasn't even good enough for her. But low and behold I woke up this morning and in her kennel was some odd and fowl object. After careful examination with a pair of rubber gloves, I discovered that it was a pair of little boys Thomas the Train Engine underwear (cloaked in feces). GUYS! She had literally ate her previous owner's son's underwear whole, and it some how had been trying to exit her bowls these last few days but it was having a hard time. I seriously died laughing. I hope she has learned her lesson, but in the mean time I'm keeping all my socks off the floor. She obviously has a sophisticated pallet because she also ate her own poo the other day and ran off with it in her mouth (as I chased her) because she knew it was a big no-no.

Well we can't wait to continue to get to know this little lady's wild personality and in the mean time here are some things that Zero likes to do (sorry in advance for the grainy iPhone pictures):

^^She likes to sleep...
^^...a lot
^^ She likes to watch you take a bath or shower.
^^She likes to "bury" her bone. This is her burying it in our shoe basket. She re-buries it at least 5 times a day.
^^She likes to watch the Westminster dog show and cheer on the other bulldogs.
^^She loves to give kisses. And if Spencer and I are kissing, she wants in on the action.
^^And most of all she really really likes Spencer. The top right picture was take while Spencer was driving. She LITERALLY wanted to sit like that the whole ride. 

 photo Siggy2_zps990caef6.png

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  1. Cute little zero. I can't wait for her to meet her auntie lish!!