Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I've been slacking on life the last two weeks. I blame the distraction of the dog! No gym, no blogging, no Netflix. Who am I? So after this I'm going to start doing some real posts. I still have some DIY projects I did a while ago that I still haven't posted, as well as some recipes so I hope to start doing that soon. But While I stopped by to tell you what a slacker I am, I might as well post some more pictures of my dog and tell you a little more about her.

  • Lover of shoes (mostly eating them).
  • Very nonchalant about her potty time. She just sits and looks at the door (no whining or scratching), so if you don't happen to notice, be prepared to clean her business off the floor. 
  • The most stubborn dog you will ever meet (common of the breed). If she is laying in your spot on the bed, nothing you say or do can get her to move. You literally have to pick her dead weight up and move her. And if she is done with her walk, she will let you know by sitting down or laying down on the sidewalk. 
  • Her favorite pastime is looking out the window and growling at people that walk by. 
  • She loves to eat toilet paper and fluff from inside pillows or in plush toys
  • If she has an accident in the house you will find her hiding under the bed or behind the couch (because she knows better). 
  • She is still undecided about car rides, although thanks to her mom she now recognizes the drive-thru window as a place where food is passed through.
  • She is a good guard dog when it comes to protecting us from the vacuum, rain boots, umbrellas, and her own reflection. 
  • All the employees at Petsmart love her.
  • She will do anything for a butt scratch.
  • She recognizes her dog brush and will immediately lay down when she sees it so that you can brush her. 
  •  She is the cutest puppy in the world and she knows it. 
^^Her new thing during car rides is to perch on your shoulder. 
^^Her new favorite look-out spot.
^^She loves going under the bed for naps and to hide when she is in trouble. It will break my heart when she is too big to fit under there. 
^^She loves him so much!
^^All she wants in life are some scratches. 

Ok, it's official... I'm now a crazy dog lady and my Instagram from here on out will just be dog pictures so don't say I didn't warn you! Now everyone go home tonight and pray for little Z, as tomorrow morning she is getting her lady parts out, getting her cherry eye fixed, and getting her rabies shot. Go big right?! I think it will break my heart to see her all groggy from the anesthesia but hopefully this mama can keep it together. Speaking of holding it together, I now know what all you mom's are talking about when you whine and cry about how hard it is to leave your child. Spencer and I went bowling and to a movie the other night and I literally felt guilt for leaving Zero home alone. See... crazy dog lady.

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