Tuesday, February 4, 2014


For the most part I've been very on point with my gym game for the new year. I've been going 3 times a week and hoping to start sneaking in another if I can. It's always good to have goals when you go to the gym and normally they tend to revolve around getting back to where we were before. I wont lie... I may have some pants from a few years ago that are a little tight, that I would love to get back into, but this year I wanted to push myself even harder! Doesn't everyone have that one body part that has never quite been on par with the rest? That one that you just want to get nice and fit but some how the burgers and fries only go to that one area so you think it may take a life time!? Well for me that's my glorious, wonderful, and very full derriere. I first knew I had a big backside when I was in Jr. High and a friend of mine laughed at me for not being able to fit in her size zero skirt, and then laughed again when we were later at my house and she held up my "huge" pants. Well in my defence I was an early bloomer and receive the butt, and hips, and boobs sooner in life than others (and now finally everyone has caught up with me) and granted at the time I really could have dropped some pounds brought on by eating stress and low and behold I did. I came back the next year 15 pounds lighter, but there is something that no matter how much I fluctuate always stays... my butt! Sure it's changed sizes a little, but it's never ever ever been high and tight. Maybe it wasn't meant to be, but I'm determined to whip that saggy thing into shape this year. Even if it takes me all year! 

A few years ago I worked as a lifeguard at a water park and we had to wear the most unflattering one pieces. One pieces (with straps) are the big booty girls worst enemy, because once you raise your hands above your head the whole swimsuit comes with it, and your are suddenly wearing a very unflattering thong. I felt a little like this: 

After deciding that there was nothing worse then tan lines, I stopped wearing my lifeguard shorts and my tank top as well (no padding be damned) and became a free spirit. Although it didn't go unnoticed, as my boss then told me he never knew I had a ghetto booty, followed up by "That's not a bad thing." That sounds like the making of a law suit. A while ago I got the "Brazilian Butt Lift" videos which I discovered while we were on our honeymoon (late night infomercials) and could barely walk after doing it one day. I plan on continuing that as well as going to my Insanity class 2-3 times a week. So here it is, 2014, the year of the new booty. I can't wait to have a butt that far surpasses any butt I had when I was "in shape." 

Speaking of butts, let me take you know on a little funny side story. I was just reminiscing with all this butt talk about when I called my friend Amanda in the 1st grade after a fight and left a message on her answering machine that said "Sorry I was such a butthead." Which at the time I even knew I was using strong language, but if I had any doubts, I definitely knew when she called me back and said "My mom told me to tell you not to swear on our answering machine anymore." Hahaha! I'm glad as an adult I'm no longer riddled with guilt from saying the B-word! So on that note... BUTT BUTT BUTT BUTTS! Happy Tuesday! 

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  1. phew.. so glad you grew out of that nasty habit of swearing on people's answering machines! haha