Friday, January 31, 2014


All though this may lead to my impending divorce, I had to post this picture that I found saved in my old email of Spencer back when he was 19. It was the first "selfie" that he ever sent me and in his defence, I asked him to send it because I had a few friends who wanted to know what he looked like. And on top of that I made him wear his glasses because he was about to get Lasik and I'm a sucker for a guy who looks good in glasses. But seriously is little Spencer not the cutest!?

Now I'm not a lover or a hater of selfies. I think they have a special time and place, like sweat pants, for which they are acceptable. When I see extremely self-absorbed selfies or any selfie in which you are making a duck/kissy face... you can go ahead and count on me giving you the worlds biggest eye roll. BUT sometimes you look freaking hot and you are proud of it and you need the world to know. This is why I have made a list of the 5 types of selfies that are acceptable to a regular levelheaded human being, and spent 45 minutes trying to make something that looked Pinterest worthy:

The other day I saw a selfie (sorry if this is someone you know) with the caption "So giddy after hearing baby boys heartbeat" followed by a gorgeous close up picture of her with a slight closed mouth smile. Now I'll be the first to admit, she is stunning, but the caption felt a little "hey I don't want people to think I'm self obsessed so I'm going to act like I'm smiling about the heartbeat and that's the only reason why I'm taking this picture." I'd actually rather you just not put a caption at all because at least I don't get the impression you are cloaking yourself in humility and instead saying "damn right I look good and I want to show it off and I don't care who know's it. Nuff said." If you going to do a full on "I'm looking hot so I'm going to take a picture" selfie, then just commit to it! Don't beat around the bush or add some stupid quote about inner beauty by Eleanor Roosevelt! Post a picture of your colonoscopy or you doing charity work, and then we'll talk about "inner" beauty.
I've only posted 3 selfies in the past 4 months, which seems like a nice pace:

^To show you all how youtube can help you learn how to (kind of) do your makeup
^Reveal my new Brazilian blow out
^The aftermath of 7 hours of DIYing. 

And as a bonus picture, here is what the first selfie might have looked like: 

Keep following those selfie rules my friends and stay golden. 

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  1. haha, i saw that last picture sometime this past month and showed spencer and we laughed and laughed!!!! and cutie little 19 year old spencer! i also love a man in glasses. stupid lasik.....