Friday, January 24, 2014


Yesterday I went to my beloved Insanity class. I have this theory that if I only have about 3 hours a week to work out, then I have to make it worth it and it has to kick my butt. This is why I don't waste my time with Zumba (sorry Lauren). This month, I've been really on par with my goals and I've gone to Insanity at least twice a week. If you read my Facebook status, you know that on Tuesday I mentioned that large chested women need to find the right support before heading in to cardio classes. Once again, Big Boobs Mcgee was front and center at class last night and I'm surprised she didn't leave with a black eye the way those things were practically hitting her in the face with every burpee. Also in front of me was uncoordinated Eunice, who some how (even though cardio classes are just a big game of Simon Says with the instructor) she managed to be doing a completely different workout than the rest of us.

As I told you all the other day, I've been having an American Horror Story marathon this week and just finished the 2nd (and very messed up) season. I have been surprised that all this week I haven't had any nightmares... until last night. No it wasn't about Bloody Face... There was a shortage of Dr. Pepper in my dream world, and all that was left was a half can of week-old, flat, warm soda left. As I was about to drink it, a lady came up to me and said that she needed it because she was in a fight with her husband and needed something to get her through the rest of the day. Of course I didn't want to give it up but some how I didn't have a choice. It was terrifying! I guess this is all a good time to tell you guys that I decided to go soda-less for a month. I haven't said anything because I've never been one for sticking to strict regimens, or restricting myself from the pleasures of life, and I knew that I may fall off the bandwagon (as I have with my many cleanses). BUT I'm already more than half way there and only have a week and a half left. My next Dr. Pepper will be Feb 5th (aka my birthday hint hint), and what a glorious birthday it will be! I may need to start making a paper chain. 

And since last Friday was "Funny Friday," this week is going to be "Feel Good Friday." If this commercial doesn't get your eyes wet, then go check your pulse! 

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