Thursday, June 6, 2013


This past weekend I made the long drive to California to see one of my best friends get married. To start off the trip on a heart pounding note, my fellow friend and bridesmaid, Aubrey and I left late Wednesday and headed to Vegas so that we wouldn't have to make the drive all in one day. About 45 minutes into our drive on the highway, going about 80 miles an hour {which was the speed limit in our defence} two deers jumped out into the road. It startled us because it was so dark we didn't see them until they had already passed the car, and if we had been any closer to them we probably wouldn't have enough time to react. While our hearts were busy racing, a third deer jumped out into the road and sprinted across the street and... I kid you not... it was about 5 inches from the car! Seriously I wouldn't have been surprised if the tufts of it's tail were caught in the bumper. Needless to say after we expressed some profanities, we felt as if we had just drank five Redbulls from all the adrenaline we were feeling. We were very luck, in that if the deer had taken off 5 seconds later, {at the speed we were going} we probably would have had a dead deer in our windshield, a totalled car, and would probably had to make a trip to the hospital. Geez, the things you do for a friends wedding day! 
Speaking of wedding day:
^^ Next up to marry?

 ^^ Just a sexy little photo bomb

And between making banners, running errands, and making sure the brides hairdresser didn't eff it up, I managed to squeeze in some beach and shopping. 
^^ Girls night at Cheesecake.

^^ I found my house with a beach view on the other side.

^^ A little panoramic from gorgeous Newport
^^ And then we drove back to Utah to a beautiful dust tornado. Come on Utah! Get it together!

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