Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Ok... so I have been working on my apartment FOREVER and I'm sure you all are thinking that I will never be finished (because that is what I am thinking) but hopefully I will get my butt in gear soon and have some pictures up. I just finished my curtains and I'll hopefully have a tutorial on that this week. In the meantime I want to share with you some interior design trends that I am absolutely obsessing about: 

Sometimes its hard for me to pinpoint my interior style, but Pinterest is slowly helping me find it. I have absolutely fallen in love with white, which is the color that's been taking over interior design lately. White is my best friend because I'm an Aquarius and my mind changes more often then I change my clothes. White allows you to change up my colored accent pieces, without having to repaint cabinets, and walls, and furniture. And my favorite all white room? The kitchen! One time at Ikea Spencer told me he didn't really like white cabinets and I about filed a divorce and threw up at the same time. Although he probably doesn't even remember that, it still haunts me to this day. Sorry honey! Here are some beauties to stare at:

I literally have sexual fantasies about that backsplash! Hot!

For all you fashionistas out there, a light fixture is like the jewelry to your outfit; it's just not complete without something amazing. Spray painted chandeliers have been all the rage with DIY bloggers lately because they not only add amazing design, but they add a pop of bold color as well. As all of you know I loath the dreaded boob light that you see everywhere and mentioned it in an earlier post. If I find the person who invented that, there will be hell to pay.  

House plants use to be seen as "old lady" decor. But if you ask any interior designer, greenery is detrimental in overall design, whether it be a simple succulent, or a tiny tree. Recently the Fiddle Leaf Fern has become the prom queen of the house plant design world. They are gorgeous, make a huge statement, and are hard to kill {just my kind of plant}.

Gardening is becoming a lost art and people are beginning to forget that the outside of their home is just as important as the inside. Seriously though I think all my neighbors have let their lawn turn yellow. Yikes! Nothing makes me happier than sitting outside in the summer and just being. Just sitting still with a cold glass of lemonade and not stressing about anything or anyone. For those of us who don't have lawns, but are lucky enough to have a balcony, it's still possible to obtain that oasis that makes us feel so connected to the great outdoors. There are 16 apartments in my complex and our apartment is the only one that is decorated {shake my head}

Metal is one of my favorite ways to incorporate different textures to a room. Recently I painted some L brackets gold, and glued them onto the corners of a boring Ikea shelving unit to give it some pizazz {pictures of that to come soon}. These first two pictures are from my favorite DIY blog Vintage Revivals.

I'm hoping to do a post of my least favorite design trends soon {don't worry I have a giant list} so watch for that as well. Spencer and I are going to the Utah Valley Parade of Homes again this week and I am peeing my pants with excitement. I think this is what truly made me fall in love with interior/exterior designs of homes. I've been going with my parents since I was about 16. On their website under "buy tickets" see how you can get 2 for 1 tickets with a student ID. Can't wait to show you all the pictures from it! 

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