Friday, May 24, 2013


I'm sooooooo looking froward to this long weekend. I have so many projects that need attending to, and I haven't showed many of them yet because I hate showing things half finished. Here is part of my to-do list this weekend: 

^Finishing up sewing our drapes. Hopefully I'll do a tutorial on this soon!

 ^I'm almost done with our balcony and can't wait to share the details! I'll be working mostly on my seat cover and pillows for this crate bench I made.

Going to be planting some herbs in this homemade pallet planter on Monday with my Mum.

^Doing some more work with the rug I'm making.

^Start on the second nail art piece that will be accompanying this one on our wall. Hopefully I'll give directions on this soon as well!

^ Finish spraying this once black and white chair and reupholster the seat with some fun white chevron fabric. 

And remember when I bought these chairs back in September! Ya me neither! HA! But they have been sitting at my parents house and the weather finally has been warm enough to paint them. Hopefully my parents are bringing them up on Monday and then I can staple on the new fabric and glue the trim on. Yay! 

Seriously guys I can't wait to do a tour of my house but it's going to be w few more months. Haha. I'm one of those people who wants to have EVERYTHING done before the reveal but maybe I will do it one by one as each room is done. 

Well Spence and I are hopefully off to Seven Peaks water park this weekend (where we first fell in love back when we were 16. So precious). Hope everyone has a good Memorial Day weekend and doesn't have to work!

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