Thursday, May 23, 2013


I've been on a little blogging hiatus, since I was in St. George over the weekend and have been sick ever since I got back. Man, I didn't realize you could catch a cold in the summer but I guess you can. If anyone wants to bring me tissues and a Dr. Pepper I wont complain. My sister Amelia (in the yellow shirt above) was getting a condo in St. George for the weekend since her husband and oldest son were going to be canyoneering nearby all weekend. Me and my sister Emilee (red shirt) decided to tag along.  

 On day one we went to an airplane museum and a dinosaur museum. The airplane museum was free and looked as if we had been their only visitors in 5 years. It was hosted by a bunch of retired Air-Force grandpas who were more than excited to have some little kids running around. 
^^ Isn't my niece Lilli just a doll! Literally! 


 ^^ Me trying to make an origami Pterodactyl. Epic fail.

 ^^ Of course no St. George trip is complete without a Swig run. This little girl discovered her love for ice. And I discovered my love for Mango Puree Mountain Dew. Seriously people next time you are at Swig get one! Even if you don't like Mnt. Dew, it doesn't taste like it and you won't regret it. 
 ^^My good Friend Mary Beth came along for the trip because her boyfriend lives down south. Lucky for my he worked every night so in the evenings I got this pretty lady to myself. 
^^Another great thing about the trip was that Mary and I got to see our good friend Carly. The three of us were inseparable when we were little and then sadly Carly moved to St. George when we were in elementary but we always kept in touch. Speaking of Carly... she really needs to update her blog. ;) 

^^ St George has a lot of great consignment stores and although we didn't get to make it to many, we did make it to the DI (Utah's version of Good Will) there and had great success. I meant to take pictures of the stuff I bought but for now the only one I have is this dress. Everything else I got was home decor items. 

^^ And one of my favorite moments of the trip is when Mary came to pick me up from the DI and we got in the car, only to realize that the iPod was missing and the windows were rolled down. Mary panicked as she thought someone had stolen it but then when we looked in the back seat we saw a baby car seat. Needless to say we dashed out of that car as fast as possible and laughed our heads off. What are the odds that an identical car with its doors unlocked was parked right next to us. And of course about 10 seconds later the owner of the car walked out. I don't think she saw us getting out of the car, but i'm pretty sure she saw us take this picture. haha.  

The rest of the trip was filled with driving, hot tubbing, and reminiscing. And for your further enjoyment, my nephew {who has a speech impediment} was nice enough to serenade us. Please excuse Siri giving us directions in the background. 


  1. That dress is so cute!! Poor Spencer didn't get to go?

    1. Nope. He spent his time having man sleepovers and playing video games so I don't think he felt left out. He would have been bored anyway with the shopping and girl time.