Wednesday, May 15, 2013


So I chopped and bleached my hair, which came as a big shock to everyone since I didn't tell anyone and I made the decision a few hours before my appointment to get my extensions redone! It was a sudden/not so sudden decision. I had been thinking sometime about chopping my hair into a long bob and then bleaching it after I started following a hairdresser named Ashlyn on instagram:

I absolutely loved her hair but I never dared to cut it because there were {and still are} things that I don't like about myself and I have used my hair to hide behind it and detract from those things. But when I had a hair appointment to get my extensions touched up yesterday, after months of thinking about that hair, I decided what the hell. Let's go for it! It's now or never! 

A few other things led me to this decision: 
1. Summer has just begun and I wanted something a little low maintenance for all the times I'm going to be spending in the pool and on vacation. 
2. Speaking of pool... my real hair and my extensions look completely different wet {because the hair God gave me is out of control frizzy and curly} and therefore I would look like a straight up fool comin' out of that pool {that turned into a rhyme}. 
3. Extensions are heavy and hot. Not a good summer combo; especially when you just want to throw your hair up in a bun. 
4. It takes sooo long to do my hair. I feel like in winter this is fine because I have nothing better to do, but in the summer that last thing I want is to spend 2 hours doing my hair when I could be out riding my bike and soaking up the sun! 

My extensions however will not go to waste. I can put them back in anytime I want {like when I realize this was a mistake}, but for now they will sit in my drawer because I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new hair. What can I say, I'm an aquarius through and through and I get bored of something easily. Honestly even though this decision was extremely practical for the reasons numbered above, it was also a huge step for me since I vowed never to cut my hair again. I really felt liberated in pulling a "Miley Cyrus" because I do agree that people have this idea that long locks are the most attractive and most feminine. I've never gotten more hair compliments in my life then when I had fake hair these last 3 and 1/2 months. I'm not saying I'll never go back to long hair, but it felt good to get out of my comfort zone and not let myself hide behind my hair anymore. Thank you Kirsten and Bri you guys are very talented hairdressers {and they are still in hair school! Freakin talent right there!}. My hair is still a major adjustment and I still have to do a double take in the mirror, but if anyone is feeling the need to chop, I say go for it! It feels good.  

 I'm off to St. George this weekend to enjoy the sun, pool, a dirty Dr. Pepper, and my new hair. Hope everyone has a good weekend and remember you are beautiful!
* Kirsten and Bri go to Renaissance Hair Academy in Provo, where I have been going for years {because who wants to pay full price for a "professional" right?} They are amazing and they are coloring scientists! Seriously! Make an appointment with them and have your minds blown! 


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    1. Thanks! It was scary but I love the results. Haven't had this short of hair since Senior year!