Thursday, May 9, 2013


So I don't know why it's taken me so long to post this story, but on Sunday the funniest thing in the world happened to me. Well... it happened to my mother-in-law. So on Sunday we decided to go on a family bike ride with Spencer's brother, his fiance, the hound, and Spencer's mom. However Spencer's mom {Sharon} was reluctant to go because she hadn't ridden a bike in a while. After much convincing we were off! It was perfectly weather and after riding for almost a mile, we were on the home stretch back to his brother's house when God decided to grace us with a humorous memory that will always be with me. We were riding on a narrow street without a sidewalk, when I suddenly see Sharon ride off the lip of the pavement onto the dirt, then plow into a garbage can, and then slam against a fence... a fence that came toppling down and left her flat on her back. But let's face it... a picture is worth a thousand words right?

{amputee Sharon}

Based on the quality of these pictures, maybe they are only worth about 650 words, but classic nonetheless. Anyway, I immediately wanted to laugh. then I wondered if she was seriously hurt and going to cry so then I put on my "OMG are you ok?" face. Then when I realized that she was fine, I of course began my laugh fest. After letting her lay on the ground for 5 minutes while we cried with laughter, we began to realize we needed to fix the fence some how. Luckily there was no one home so we began to draw upon our 1st grade Lincoln Log abilities and put the fence back into place. The only problem was that the fence was never cemented in the ground and the polls had completely rotted {hence why it went down from just a nudge}. So we basically just propped it up with rocks and slinked away. In my professional opinion those people were complete hoarders by the look of their "storage porch" {still not sure how people get to their door}, so I don't think they are too worried about the quality of their fence. All misdemeanors aside though, Sharon has recovered and is ready to go out again. And plus we all have a hilarious story that makes me giggle just re-typing it. Lesson we learned from this: when in doubt, apply the breaks. 

And two side stories: 
  • On a side note, yesterday I walked into a bathroom that smelled exactly like delicious Italian food. Seriously I don't know if it was the cleaning products or what, but I had to double check that the sign on the wall said "restrooms" and not Olive Garden. I didn't know whether to be disgusted or hungry. It was very perplexing.
  • This week I had a stranger compliment me on my nails and ask if I did them myself. I said "No a very talented Asian woman did them." Then I noticed an Asian was standing right behind her. I never know what things are politically correct or what things will offend people. In my defense I did say "talented Asian." And as my friend Molly {Peters} Pilivi once said "I would never trust someone to do my nails who wasn't Asian." Asian friends feel free to weigh in on this. 
Up on the agenda this weekend. Crafts, projects and DIYs! Shocker! One day my house will be finished... one day. 


  1. hahahahaha i died when i saw this picture. I can't believe you posted it on fb and in your blog! i feel like your moth in law would be so embarrassed! funny story :)

    1. Haha nope. She is crazy funny and laughs at herself all the time. She knows we all posted picture immediately after. I mean she was laying there watching us take them and she was laughing too. It was hysterical.