Friday, May 3, 2013


Pinterest is one of my favorite pastimes. Some would call it a "time waster" but those are only people who don't actually use their pins. I'm constantly cooking and crafting up things that I have found on Pinterest, and I've even bought a few items that people have pinned. Seriously 3 cheers for Pinterest! I still remember where and when I first heard about this magical site. I was at a girl named Cathrine's house working on a group project for one of my advertising classes in the summer of 2011. The concept was so confusing to me but she said I must try it out. Back then you had to get invited to be on it {weird} so she said she would send me an invite and low and behold madness {and a wild love affair} ensued. 


There are some things that make me feel like this:

So therefore let me tell you the things I loath about one of my favorite websites: 

  1. When people do not change their captions on Pinterest and leave the caption that the last person put. Man oh man does that BUG. I mean sometimes I do that, but it's intentional because I like their caption. But there is nothing that makes me want to rip out hairs more than people with captions that say "pin now, read later," or anything starting with "pinner said." Examples: "pinner said this was the best recipe she ever tasted," "pinner said this worked magic on her shower doors." That is when I know for sure that you didn't change the caption. Or if your caption is outrageously long.  
  2. When I click on one of your pins and it takes me NO WHERE! There is nothing worse then when I find a recipe that a friend just pinned, and then click on it to take me to the link to show me how to make it, and it doesn't even take me to the right place! Why on earth people are you pinning "recipes" with no recipe!? Here is one that has been going around a lot in my circle of friends on Pinterest that I'm sure everyone has seen: 

I originally pinned this from my friend Laci Ence {sorry to call you out Laci} but when I clicked on the pin in took me no where with a recipe. So I did what I always do with pins like this {call me anal}; I Googled the dish, found the recipe, and edited the URL on the specific pin to go to the right website. Ta-Da! Low and behold about 10 more of my Pinterest friends pinned this with in that next week and all of them but one {who pinned it from mine} went to dead end websites. 

3. I hate that Pinterest wont let you make boards within boards. I've also emailed them twice with this suggestion but I doubt they even read their emails {yes I know I'm crazy}. Seriously though people... my food board has like 350 pins! It makes it a pain to scroll through and find things. I just don't want 10 million boards on my home screen that are labeled "meats," "appetizers," "bread," "salads," etc. Give me sub-categories gosh dang it!

4. I hate that you can't use the search box to just search your friend's boards. I'm one of those people who pretty much strictly repin from friends, so there is nothing worse then when I remember seeing something a friends pinned and wanting to find it, but I don't have the strength to sift through my 150 friends and their combined 50 billion boards to find it. Or one time I was pinning things to help a friend design her wedding and instead of scrolling through 10 gazillion pictures of millions of users with different tastes, all I wanted to do was search for wedding boards within my own friends {since I trust all your styles} BUT I didn't know which ones had wedding boards and didn't want to visit 150 people's profiles to find them. Once again: dang you Pinterest {shake my fist}!!!  

5. On that note I also wish I could search within my own board. I can't tell you how many times I pin something and can't remember which board it went in because sometimes the things I pin fall under multiple categories. AKA I'm drowning in pins {2,060 to be exact} {Ok now 2,061}. 

Well that's all I can think of now, although I am sure there are 100 other ways I can improve Pinterest. Seriously give me something to play around with for a few weeks, and I promise I will be able to come up with a dozen things that suck about it and could make it totally more awesome-er. Is there a job for that? 

Happy Pinning! 


  1. Hey! I have to defend my pinterest honor! Basically when I cook, i rarely use recipes. This one looked pretty self explanatory with the pictures, but I still wanted to remember it. I DO use my pins. Ask the hubbs ;) I just figured I could pick my own marinade and make my own rolls. Looks tasty though, huh?!

    1. Haha I thought you would say that! The dish looked explanatory but not the sauce. I'm no expert at sauces and marinades so I had to go off and find the recipe. I had to use your pin as an example because that's the only one I could remember recently and I didn't want to go clicking though everyone's pins! haha. And I don't doubt you use your pins! I have seen you craftiness first hand! I hope you are loving Texas and tell little Ruby to feel better!

  2. Haha you are out of control!!

    1. Girl you know it! Boards within boards. I'm telling you it's going to be HUGE!

    2. I seriously DO love the boards within boards idea... I've considered separately my boards out now, but who really wants to see my re-pin all of my holiday pins??

    3. Haha exactly. I honestly might have to do that in the next month. My other boards are just getting WAY too big.