Friday, April 19, 2013


{Here is a picture of me and my 5 beautiful sisters from last weekend. Don't mind my squint eye.}

So as you know I'm still working on a lot of things with the remodel of our living room and if you don't have Instagram, I'll share a few things I've done recently:
Finished making a pallet planter from one we found on the side of the road. I'm going to use it for herbs like mint, basil, and maybe parsley because I hate spending money on fresh herbs but love cooking with them. 

That will eventually look something like this. 

 This mirror that we got from our wedding has plagued me for months. It hung it above our fireplace and it just looked too drab for the white and bright vision I had for our living room. After a long time of debating what to do with it, I hopped aboard the chalkboard paint train and I'm loving the results. I spray painted the frame white and then hand painted the gold boarder. I'm in love!

I've had this red lamp with a black base for years and it's been sitting in storage in our house. I obviously didn't like the color, but instead of spending money on a new lamp, I decided to refresh it. I spray painted the base white, and bought a 1/2 yard of fabric at Hobby Lobby and hot glued is over the red. If you have anything but a drum shade, your fabric will not wrap nicely around. The back has two seams but no one will see it so it doesn't bother me. Some days I walk past other larger lamps and I have cheating thoughts, but we will just wait and see if this one stays around for a while. 

Some of you may remember my red key wall. But since deciding to change my color scheme I've had a really hard time pinpointing a replacement color. I just couldn't find a color that I wanted to be so front and center in my house, and the colors I did like were in the same color family as the curtains I'm making for the room and I knew it would soon snowball into the Tiffany Blue room instead of the red room. I didn't want that to happen. So while out antiquing, Spencer and I went into a thrift shop that had multi-colored frames on the wall. BINGO! That was the Design Gods telling me "Look you idiot! Don't paint them all the same color!"

And thus this wall was re-born (forgive the crookedness).  And I'm still looking for small keys or locks to put in the little frames.

And the frames will go perfectly with the rug I'm making to go under the dinner table. That's right... I said making. I'm going to make a rug {because they are freakin expensive and most of them are ugly}. I'll do a tutorial when I'm finished but here is the fabric I'm using below.

And one of my next projects is to make a marquee letter similar to the one found here, however OF COURSE the letter H is the only one they are out of. Thanks Karma.

And since I've learned to sew, and can now spot poor quality and how and why they do things in sewing, here is a bad example. This pillow was at Target, and this is an example of someone machine sewing a pillow and then leaving a 5 inch gap to stuff the pillow form into it, and then sloppily hand stitching it closed.Yikes. I'll pass.

P.S. Oh and my fave DIY blogger Mandi of Vintage Revivals was answering questions over at the Interior Collective so click here to read my question and her answer. I feel so privileged to have been picked! Na-na-na-boo-boo Alisha!  

And here is a bonus picture of Kitty Magoo sleeping like a creeper. 

We are going to see Oblivion tonight!
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  1. Oh dang I forgot to ask her a question! But guess who else I saw?! Well. Idk if you read pink peonies, but I saw Rachel, the author, at the airport! But I didn't say hi..

    1. I don't know how you recognize these bloggers when you see them! I have seen her blog but have not followed it. I will have to start!