Wednesday, April 24, 2013


You know that moment where you wrote a blog post and then it disappears/got deleted. Ya it sucks. But anyway....

So my mom is in the process of redoing her sewing/craft/treadmill room. And eventually they are going to start on the kitchen/living room/dining room remodel that they have been dreaming about for years... maybe decades. So of course being the amiture "interior design" expert that I am, I decided to give them my 2 cents about how everything should look. Last time I went home, the carpet had been ripped up and my dad was talking about  putting money aside to install new carpet. HOLD THE PHONE! Carpet!!??? My feelings of carpet are the same as my favorite DIY blogger Mandi from Vintage Revivals. Carpet is the bane of my existence! Seriously, everyone rip their carpet out of your floor right now and go ahead and throw it away!

Here are my reasons why I hate it so much {and why you should probably just go with bare floors}:

1. Carpet stains like crazy and you generally have to steam clean it a couple times a year to keep it looking new {especially light carpets}. And the longer the threads of the carpet are, the more you are going to get gross stuff trapped in it.

2. Carpet goes out of style faster than it lasts. My parents have this hideous brown carpet on theirs stairs and it's been out of date for over a decade now. The problem with carpet is that it can be expensive so a lot of people don't replace it even after it's out of style. If my parents had wood stairs, then they wouldn't have outdate stairs. Tile is a little better than carpet but be careful if you get a style that is really trendy or colored because they can go out of style just as fast.

3. Like I said if your carpet goes out of style or you are bored with it, it's expensive {and not to mention a pain} to replace, but with wood floors you can get a rug to add some color and softness to the room, and they are easy-peasy to replace.

4. It just straight up looks nicer, more expensive, and more polished. Compare these rooms below:




The carpet pictures on the left just seem heavy and dark, while the wood floor pictures are light and bright. Seriously such a difference! 
The point is I had to convince my mom not to put carpet in, and with a lower price tag it didn't take much convincing. Although it was more work on my dad's part, since he had to do some extra sanding and prepping for the paint. My mom painted the walls a burnt orange, and therefore I knew she needed to paint the wood floors white or else it would look like a drab Thanksgiving/Fall room year-round. The wood floor under the carpet was too damaged anyway to just stain it so that part was easy to convince too. Painted bare floors are really trending right now and there is just something about white floors that makes me so happy. Here are a few great examples: 

Anyway, with some guidance from some blog tutorials, and the good experts at Sherwin-Williams, my mom is going to paint her floor white! Yay! Winner-winner-chicken-dinner! The next thing on my list to get her to change is the boob light that is currently in the sewing room. I have 2 boob lights myself in Spencer and I's room, and I think they are the reason I have trouble sleeping at night. 

 Very scary indeed! 

If you want to see more of the vision I have for my mom's house, check out the Pinterest board I have been making for her here. Luckily I don't have to convince her about white cupboards since that's always been her dream. Three cheers for thinking you know about interior design when you really don't!  

And for any of your who are interested, I am taking on online Interior Design class for $20 from a website called You can take an array of classes if you want to learn how to do something new for just a few dollars. Here is who I'm taking it from. The class is called Interior Styling: The Fundamentals To Styling Your Space Like A Pro. The deadline date has already passed but from what I read you can start your class whenever once you've sign up so maybe it's not too late!

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