Thursday, February 14, 2013

you mad bra??

Happy Love Day

So this post isn't about love... it's about LOATHE! Let me set the tone for this post by sharing with you something Spencer sent me the other day: 

He knows me too well. If you didn't know already, I HATE BRAS! HATE! I wish it was more socially acceptable to not wear one in public because if it was I would be on that bandwagon. Hell, I'd be driving it! Now I know there are people who roam the world sans bras, but I'm no Miley Cyrus {circa now}...

But if bras were banned I wouldn't be complaining. I mean who invented them anyway?! Sometimes I wear what Spencer and I call "the tube," which is a padded tube top that I wear under my clothes sometimes when my shirt is baggy enough to get away with it. The problem with wearing it under tighter clothes is that my boobs look like sag-bags since there is nothing pushing them up. I would honestly get a boob job for the shear fact of being able to wear my boob-tube with zero saggige.  I'm I the only one out there that is feeling oppressed? One time at girls camp when I was 13, this weird girl told us all that bras caused breast cancer and although I thought she was off her rocker at the time, I think she was on to something. Maybe we should start spreading that rumor! Anyway, below is how I best describe my feelings towards bras (even though they make my boobs look phenomenal obvi): 

Anywho, just wanted to say Happy Love Day to my permanent Valentine's Date. He is the cutest little stink I ever laid eyes on. 

I mean doesn't he just have the worlds greatest smile??!

{and here is a hidden gem of him with one of my necklaces}


*Disclaimer: You won't understand how truly humorous the title of the post is if you aren't up to date with today's slang, and/or watch a lot of Jersey Shore. 


  1. I don't feel your pain, but kind of wish I did because that would mean I actually HAVE boobs. Instead, I have to rely on my very padded push-up to look like a real girl. Seriously, everytime I take off my bra, Trevor is like "Oh no! Where did they go?" Bra, I welcome you into this flat, desolate terrain with open arms :)

  2. I'm with you on the anti-bra movement..I wish I could get away without wearing a bra. My boobs say otherwise though..Honestly I wouldn't wear one if I didn't have to. Ugh. Some day Ash, some day.