Tuesday, February 12, 2013


You know that feeling when you reach in your purse to get something and you realize you still have some strawberry sour punch straws left? No? Well it's awesome. Do you know what else is awesome, going to get your nails done on your lunch break. Now I'll have nice nails AND be skinny! Oh wait except remember that time when I said I had Dr. Pepper and Pizza for all 3 meals? That night our friends parents were in town and took us out to dinner... The Pizza Factory to be exact. And of course I ordered a DP to go with my pizza. And to make matters worse, yesterday I had some errands to run during lunch so I had to grab something quick, and of course I had a free drink because I filled up my Chevron punch card, and I also had a free pizza at Sbarro's because I took a customer survey. I mean how can I pass on a free lunch even if it is DP and pizza. If you need me I will be at the gym for the next 72 hours straight. Womp womp. 

So for my birthday Spencer took me to Macaroni Grill for dinner, where we then became one of those people that leaves their to-go boxes on the table. Then we headed over to Color Me Mine to paint ourselves some ceramics. I would like to inform the grammar police that yes, I know I spelled "your" instead of "you're" but I wasn't aware of any paint erasers and it would look weirdly cramped if I tried to squeeze an E in there so it is what it is. I also wanted the birds to just be outlined in black but I got some paint inside of them and therefore had to just fill them in. I still love the result! And I love the triangles I did on the inside. And I love Spencer's dinosaur. He thinks it will go in our room; I think it would look better in the closet. I can't wait to show you the end result when they have been put in the kiln because they will be so much darker.  

Spencer also forgot about that part where you are suppose to blow out candles, and so on Sunday he surprised me by having his friends bring cupcakes with candles on them. I think they might be fore a baby shower but you can't be too picky on a Sunday night at the grocery store.

So as you know in my sewing class we are working on our skirts, and I am so happy to have a sewing machine in my house for the days that I can't get everything done in class. This is an old gem from my grandma, and I know now how spoiled I have been with the $3,000 computerized machines we have in class. One day {sigh}. 

And mom you will be proud to know that I attempted to like eggs {key word attempted} by making THIS recipe. I mean I love tomatoes! But they still didn't win me over, and the whole time I was eating them I imagined me getting sick from them being under-cooked {so that didn't help either}.

One thing I forgot to tell you about during this outfit post I did last week, is that I got my hair-speration from Pinterest. I generally have 2 hair styles, down and up. Seriously I don't really even know how to braid; it's pathetic. So I went out on a limb with this one and loved the results. Below is the picture it was inspired from.

Last but not least I have new shoes and I cannot wait to wear them this weekend in Vegas for me and Spencer's little V-Day get away. It's going to be like 66 degrees people! Bust out the bikinis! I can't even remember what warm feels like. 


  1. Your humor is kinda like mine. Love it. And I think you're wonderful.

    1. Agreed. And I think you are spectacular and I love reading your blog. Even when it doesn't include pictures! :)

  2. jealous that you're going to vegas! have fun!!!