Friday, February 8, 2013

awkward & awesome

It's been a while since I've done an "Awkward & Awesome  post, but I think it best described my week so here is another one:

  • Being humiliated by having to sit on a horseless saddle and yell "Yeehaw" at Texas Road House for your birthday... then forgetting that they did that and going back next year for your birthday. What's that saying... When you fall of the horse, get back on right?
  • You know that time when you are in class and your long necklace with teeny-tiny beads on it breaks and all the little beads go everywhere? And then you look around and see that no one noticed so you slowly gather up your belongings and leave class. No? Ya me neither. That definitely didn't happen to me and if it did I would have acted like a responsible adult and went up and told the teacher so no one would slip on them and die. 
  • Ladies... have you ever gone to the bathroom and the stall has 2 inch gaps on both sides so you can wave to everyone washing their hands if you wanted to. They should just save themselves some money and take off the doors entirely cause everyone can see my business! 
  • When you eat pizza and Dr. Pepper for every meal one day. Literally breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I'm ashamed of myself. Although I did have a celery stick that day so that should balance it all out right?? 

  • We bought a new white comforter! Just like I've always wanted. Is it just me who is so shocked about how expensive comforters are? Why didn't I know about this going into adult hood!? But we got ours at a  Kohl's sale for $100 off. It's Vera Wang. I like to pretend I am sleeping in a pile of hand-made, over-priced wedding dresses at night. 
  • There are some really cheap plane tickets to Hawaii in May. I want to go. We are trying to convince someone to go with us. I wont get my hopes up but pray for me! I've never been! 
  • Getting back to back to back compliments on your wedding ring from strangers. 
  • Laying out all these great sewing tutorials that you are going to do... as soon as you learn how to sew. Ok maybe that's more on the awkward side. 
  • And last but not least, a really awesome thing I came across this week is an INSANE DIY home decor blog. Although this blog is off the chain crafty, that's not why it is awesome. It's insane because this women is beyond amazing. Her husband was addicted to prescription drugs for years, in and out of rehabs and jail, and they were on the brink of divorce multiple times with 2 kids in tow. Read her story HERE. Seriously if you don't cry, you will at least walk away inspired and feeling blessed. Shamefully I had to admit after reading it, that if it was me and Spencer, I would have walked away before it had even started. I'm not one of those people who wants to (or thinks they can) "fix" someone. It's a long story, and if you don't have the time to read it, at least skim it. I'm always happy when I find these inspirational stories on an internet that is filled with so much filth. 

And in belated birthday news:

If you have not had these, run to your nearest grocery store and get in your sweat pants while you're at it! This is no joke. 

And thank you Wells Fargo {my arch nemesis} for remembering to wish me Happy Birthday when I was at the ATM. You think they would have given me an extra $10 or something as a gift. I mean I'm sure they are swimming in $10 bills from my bank account with all their secret fees. 

On that note... Happy Friday everyone!! Do something crazy!
{Like go to Michael's and buy a frame for a frame-less picture that has been sitting in your bedroom for 7 months. I'm so wild.}


  1. Woot! I've been reading vintage revivals for a while now. So great.

    1. Man why didn't you tell me! It makes me feel bad about my design skills! Haha.

  2. You might have a travel buddy in Carlo and I...depending on how close to the due date it is

    1. You should come! There are several dates in April and May. The tickets are only $235 round trip! We are camping to save money. I don't know if a pregnant woman likes to camp but you guys would be more than welcome to get a hotel.

  3. Is that for real?? 235?? can you email me the info??!

    1. Dude come! I didn't ask you because I didn't think you would want to spend the money since you already went to mexico this year!

  4. What site did you find flights that cheap and what island? And what month? Sorry for the question overload but I have never found fights under like $450 anywhere in hawaii!

    1. Here is the site:

      Click on flight only, and then use the calendar to scroll to the right month. If you leave and return on a $118 day then for 2 people it's only $475 with all the tax and everything. So bomb! The only thing is it flies out of Vegas. They don't fly out of SLC, and they only fly to AZ from the Provo airport. My husbands parents live in Vegas so if we went we were just going to drive down there and leave our car with them.