Wednesday, February 20, 2013

i'm judging your parenting skills, and i went to vegas

I fear for this world and for the future of our children. Not because of extreme violence that I see on the news, and not from the trash that kids have access to on the internet or the TV. I fear for the examples they have in their parents. I say this because of a cray-cray woman I saw yesterday! Here was my scenario:

There I was driving along, when I woman smoking a cig, with a child on a leash is standing in the middle of the street (in the turn lane) trying to cross the street (not at an intersection or at a cross walk). And as cars whizzed by and didn't stop for her, she screamed at everyone of them "Asshole!" As loud as possible. I was truly terrified  Terrified for the 2nd hand smoke that child must get while at home, terrified that she was going to accidentally strangle him with his dog leash, terrified that a mother would j-walk at a busy intersection with her 4 year old, and terrified that he was calling kids at pre-school assholes because that's what he hears at home. Yikes. I'm not going to lie, I'm a judge-r. Not usually a "serious" judger, but a "thanks for giving me a good laugh today by choosing to wear that outfit" type of judger. I like the fact that Spencer and I could spend the day on a park bench laughing at people as they go by, and frankly, sometimes judging (in secret) can be therapeutic. Only God can judge? I'm calling BS Tupac. We've all done it. So chain-smoking, j-walker... consider yourself judged. And consider a cross walk as well. 

So in other news a did something very tedious. Which was go through old posts where the pictures didn't show up and none of you were good enough friends to tell me. So I fixed them... well only the ones where just about every pictures didn't load, and only the ones I cared about. Here are the posts that got picture updates if you want to go back and look at them:

And now for the Love Day recap:
Spence and I were going with a friend and his girlfriend to Vegas for the weekend so we didn't do much for Valentine's day. I threw together a last minute fort and got take out and we watched a movie. It was simple, but fun. Spence and I have never gotten each other a Valentine's Day present worth more than a couple bucks, but I kinda like it that way because it makes you focus more on the quality time you spend together. 


Just supporting my fellow bra hater.

My first macaroon!


  1. I did tell you I couldn't see the pictures! But then I figured it was my lack of Internet connection so I got over it. But now I have Internet. And still sometimes I can't see your pictures. Not all of them, just a couple. How come that happens?

    1. I believe it was because I was copy and pasting my pictures instead of uploading them. Let me know if it ever happens again. Hopefully I've fixed the problem. So stupid.

  2. Fun!! Ashley lets start planning the reunion! I want to see everybody!!

    1. Haha ok ok. I will send everyone a Facebook message and see when we can get together.