Friday, February 22, 2013

top 10 reasons why i want summer here NOW

I was walking around California today (somewhere in Beverly Hills) and it made me realize how much I missed the warm weather and how sad the cold makes me. Oh no you heard me right, walking around in California just this morning. Maybe it's time to tell you all about a strange little hobby I have called "taking a walk on Google earth/maps." Yes that's right, I pull up the map, and drop my little guy wherever I please. Usually by the beach or in super rich neighborhoods so I can admire the houses. And then... I just walk. Dare I even admit that one time as I was "walking" I stumbled upon a place I thought looked familiar and sure enough I had taken a walk there months earlier. I guess I tend to have favorite spots. 

I would also like to say that in my days of exploring earth via the internet, I have decided to add to my bucket list that I want to BE on Google maps. I mean look at these hard working Mexicans. They are living my dream! Is my dream building and managing expensive houses that I can't afford, no. But I just want to be casually strolling along and have the Google maps camera snap a paparazzi shot of me. So please, if anyone knows where a Google driver is going to be, or if anyone has seen my face on Google maps, holla at a sista! 

Man oh man I can't wait for summer, and I can't wait to move to a place where summer comes sooner. Here are just a few things I am excited for (in picture form).


1. Tanning! I live for it! The picture below embodies what I want to do everyday in summer: tan, phone, music, and some Dr. Pepper with lime. 

 2. Outdoor eating. Whether it's on my balcony, or at an outdoor cafe, I will find any excuse to eat my meals outside!

3. Summer nights. There is always something going on whether it be a roof top concert, or a bonfire at the lake.  

4. Beach cruisers! I ride my biking wherever I can when it's warm. I wish I lived closer to work so I could bike here as well everyday. 



 7. Adventures. Especially out in nature! (but also exploring for new places to eat :))

8. The desert. I know that sounds weird but I love it. Whether it be one of our many Vegas trips to see the In-Laws, or when we (hopefully) go to the Grand Canyon in May, I really am looking forward to running around in it. 

9. Snow-cones and Sonic drinks.

10.  Last but not least... a summer wardrobe! Hurry up warm weather so I can wear the other half of my closet! 

 And with that said, let us all pray for the people of Barrow, Alaska who average 47 degrees as their high every summer. 

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