Thursday, February 28, 2013

10 trends that terrify your boyfriend

Who am I, David Letterman? Why am I suddenly fascinated by top 10 lists? I have had this one in my draft box for a while though so better late then never. I read a lot of blogs, many if them fashion blogs. And everyday I am hounded with fashion trends that I love and hate. Either way, I often find myself thinking "Guys must be raising an eyebrow at this trend." I mean yes some guys are really into fashion, or really love an eclectic hipster girl who wears whatever she wants and isn't a slave to the mundane, but unless you're dating Mark Jacobs, then your man (much like mine) is probably giving a big WTF to these trends below. So here is a list of my... {oh and please note I actually wear some of these or may fall victim to some in the near future so this list isn't bias}

Trends I Think Terrify Your Boyfriend (or husband or future boyfriend):

1. The Top Knot

{I'm a serial offender on this one}

2. Red Lips (or any bright colored lip stick)

 3. The Polygamist Hair

4. The Over-Sized Brim

5. The John Lennon Glasses

6. Military

7. The Sneaker Wedge

8. Too Much Hippie/Vintage/80's etc. 

9. The Belly Shirt

10. The High Waisted Swimsuits


  1. Hahaha that pic of the blonde asian with the flower crown and skeleton flipping us off is outrageous. Where did you even find that?!

    1. Haha I think I just googled hipsters.

  2. The top knot is an everday offender for me..sorry not sorry.

  3. Haha I'd have to say the majority of these I would agree my bf is like "WTF are women thinking..," but I must admit I, too am a serious "top knot" offender.