Friday, March 8, 2013

made in china

So let me tell you about I discovered them through Pinterest. They are a company based in China and generally have very cheap clothes. I want to show you some things I recently got from them that I am extremely excited about, and I also wanted to share with you the tricks of the website, as well as other websites like it.

  • First off, your package will take about a month to get to you. I know it seems like a long time, but it's a fun little surprise to order something, then forget you ordered it and then a month later there is a package for you! Woot woot! 
  • Not everything is cheap. I mean it's all cheap, but some things may be about the same price of stuff at Forever21 and H&M. I mean it's free shipping so if I like something that's moderately priced, I'll still get it. However the jewelry is dang cheap. Yes it's not made of high quality stuff, but as long as someone is not examining it, it's not noticeable. I mean 99 cent earrings that are actually cute? Yes please. 
  • You better make sure you like what you are getting, because you wont be returning it. Shipping something to China is going to cost you more than your package is probably worth. And frankly I wouldn't trust it even if it was cheap shipping. Or at least if you are going to be that brave, you better pay for a tracking number so you know if it arrived or not. 
  • Sizes: This site and other Asian sites are weird, in the sense that a lot of their stuff is "one size." Always scroll down to the bottom of the page and see the items discription, and there it should tell you what that one size is. A lot of times it ends up being a Large or even a 1X (plus sized), but occasionally there are ones that are smalls and mediums as well. Other items will actually have the drop down bar where you can choose the size. Also be aware that these are Asian sizes! You mostly just need to know that for pants. I bought my pants in a Medium which surprised me but the small and x-small pants are made for little Asian bodies. I also have to wear a belt with them so my butt doesn't come out because Asian pants aren't made for ghetto booties. Most importantly, just always look at the measurements and measure yourself. Especially when it comes to pants. 
  • When you get your shipment conformation {key word shipment, not immediate email receipt} ALWAYS check to make sure everything is there. On my last order my pants weren't in there. I emailed them right away, and they let me know that those pants in the size I wanted were out of stock. Now I don't know if they would have ever emailed me, or if they even noticed, but they were very good at least about finding me a replacement item. You have to remember the time difference though, so usually I wouldn't hear back from them until about 5am the next day. Their email is 

Although I said their jewelry quality is cheap, their clothes are not {at least not the ones I've received}. They are the same as H&M quality. So below are the items I got, and others that I have my eye on. I've also included the link to the items I got. 

These pants were a gamble that paid off. I always wanted Harem pants, but were afraid they would make by hips look big. I really love them! They even come in leopard here.

I've been searching for the perfect pair of fire engine red pants and they had the perfect pair. These come in 20 different colors! here

Shirts here and here. I love the studded shoulder detail on the second one. 

And here are some things that I have my eye on to buy on BlueLans:

Anywho they don't have a ton of clothes in each category so you should easily find all of these without the links but seriously the first dress (which comes in other colors) is my next victim. To die for!

But real quick I want to tell you about 2 other Chinese websites. One is called They are an actually really well known company, have fast shipping, and I would trust returning something there, however their clothes are more average (American) prices, but really good quality and super cute. Like seriously adorable. I got this dress from there for about $30. Again (Asian sizes) so the dress is a little tight on me (I got a small) but I'm hoing to lose a couple lbs for the summer, plus I like tight dresses, so I'm not complaining. Seriously go there. Like now... or after you read the rest of this post. So the other website is Their stuff is slightly cheaper than Bluelans and they even have a lot of the same stuff (makes me wonder if it's owned by the same company) BUT I've read through their FB page and a lot of people never received their items and can never get a hold of anyone in customer service. I think I'm going to order something small and cheap from them and see what happens. I'll keep you updated on that. 

{And I told you I have a ghetto booty}

I also made a Target run recently and forgot how great their clothes were so I purchased a few things from there: 

 This skirt I actually got at CottonOn, but I'm totally obsessed with the tribal print. 

Oh and while I'm at it I'll buy these studded loafers on Why not? I wanted the mint color but they were out of my size. Love!

Well that's it for now. If any of you have any questions about ordering things from China, or have had experience yourself with it, leave a comment. I'm off to the dentist (aka Satan). Pray for me!


  1. Oh man, this info is awesome. Thanks!

  2. THANK YOU for all the info. I've been soo sketched out about ordering from China..I was afraid I'd pay and then never get the package. I'm so gonna try it out now. I'll let you know how it goes!

  3. p.s. I have a ghetto booty too. Holla.

    1. But guys just eat that stuff up though right? Curves 4 Pervs! ;)

  4. Target has such great things! And those studded loafers are fabulous!! I want a pair :)
    xo TJ

    1. Thanks girl. I might need to be contacting you about a blog redesign. It's too hard for me to figure out and your prices are A-mazing!