Monday, December 3, 2012

christmas and baby crafts

First off. Is anyone else just totally disturbed that Mary-Kate Olsen is dating this guy? Daddy issues anyone? Please keep her in your prayers!  

Well Christmas is coming and I've been a busy elf... Kinda. We got the lights up on the tree but have yet to put anything else on it. I kinda like it with just the lights. It's simple and clean. I decorated our balcony this weekend as well. 

On the right and left are 2 small Christmas trees (kinda). I really wanted the look of trees but I didn't want to spend the money. So I got 2 tomato cages and wrapped them in garland that I got at Michael's during their Black Friday sale. I'm sure I could have space out the garland to cover the whole cage, but I knew I wanted to put it in the pot anyway cause I liked the idea of a "stand." Can't wait to start on the rest of my decor!

I also got my bountiful basket this weekend! It was so exciting! I'm such a nerd. The best part is that I went to Smith's this weekend and saw that just to buy one mini watermelon  a cantaloupe, and 3 persimmons was $10. I got everything below for $26! P.s. I've never eaten a persimmon and still not sure how to. 

I made this wall hanging (below) Saturday for my friend Jee Hye's baby shower. I sort of went off a Pinterest idea. It was really easy: 
1. Get a canvas or piece of plywood. 
2. Coat it in Mod Podge
3. Place paper over Mod Podge coating. I used sheet music. I've seen people use maps, book pages, magazine pages, etc. Once the paper is glued down, but another layer of Mod Podge on top of it. This helps make the surface flat so that the paper doesn't catch on anything. 
4. Get vinyl lettering and place where you want it 
5. Paint over everything
6. When it's dry, peel letters off and viola!
I added a small wooden dinosaur at the top that I got from Michael's and painted it. 

Spencer got a free sleeping bag from work. This will be good for when I make him sleep on the balcony if I ever get really mad. 

And I got new leggings! I feel like I live in leggings in the Winter, which isn't a good thing because then you can't tell when you're getting fat because your pants stretch with you! I got them on eBay here for $5.

I'm at Urgent Care all week today for work and I'm getting a lot of reading done because it's slow. I am currently reading the Uglies series which I highly recommend if you are into sci-fi. It takes place in the future in a time where everyone gets plastic surgery to look perfect when they turn 16, but there are a band of rebels who are trying to fight the system. Just finished the 2nd book and I'm about to start the 3rd. There are rumors of this being in the development stages for a movie. This book raises a lot of good points about what constitutes beauty and how brain washed we have become from societies view of it. It also makes you see what a world without war, prejudice, eating disorders, and low-self esteem would be like since everyone looks the same. 

After work I'm off to get my nails done! I think I'm going to try some outline nails like the ones below!


  1. ah i love those leggings. i almost bought them but i thought for sure they couldn't really be $5! guess i was wrong? cute stuff!

    1. It's because they are from China! Haha. I buy stuff cheap from China all the time. I always read the ebay reviews first though in case they are sketch. Some China stuff takes a long time to ship but these were pretty fast.

  2. Spencer LOVES persimmons!! He doesn't slice it or anything, he just opens it and then digs in with his face! He relates it to James & the Giant Peach..... anyway, if you drew his name for Christmas, this would definitely be the perfect gift for him!! ;)

  3. We tried it. I didn't really like it. Spencer thought it was pretty good but he hated the after taste it left in his mouth so I don't think he will eat another one.

    1. Haha yeah I wasn't a super fan either. That is why you can give all of your persimmons to my Spencer and maybe he will give you some bacon or something in return. haha