Wednesday, November 28, 2012

mac daddy and my dream balcony

So I have very exciting news... I own a Macbook now!!!!!!!!!! Got it yesterday and it was the most random thing. Not planned at all. So I HATE my laptop, and Spencer hates on it even more than I do. For the last 3 months I have had so many problems with it, from a dying battery, to a broken charger, to it repeatedly not being able to connect to our internet. I seriously cried the other night and wanted to chuck it across the room because the internet was giving me one of those dreaded yellow triangles with the exclamation mark! Uggggg. Spencer and I had kinda talked about selling my laptop and getting an iPad since we really didn't need 2 laptops but then yesterday I had an epiphany. I was planning out Christmas presents and wanted to make this cute printable to frame for someone, and thought I could totally design this... if only I knew how to use Indesign and Photoshop... and if only I had those programs. I've been wanting to learn how to use those 2 programs for a long time now. Everyone in the advertising major knew how to use them cause they all had Macs and I always felt like the odd one out. I realize I couldn't get those programs with an iPad so this led me to just randomly search for Macbooks on KSL (Utah's version of an even better Craigslist). Not long in to my search I found a guy that was selling 2 Macbooks. Both of which were at a good price range for me. I knew there were some programs that came with Mac computers so I asked him of it had Indesign or Photoshop on it. He said no, and sadly I thought my dreams were dashed because buying those 2 programs alone would cost around $800. But alas, he immediately text me back and said "I know how to download them. It's not legal but I can do it for you." Obviously the previous statement I will immediately deny in case an FBI agents are frequenters of my blog, but with that news (and after convincing Spencer) I bought it! And the Indesign and Photoshop work beautifully (although I have no clue how to use them)! It's an older model and has some light use and scratches but it's great for what I need and the best part was that it connected to the internet immediately! Praise Steve Jobs! 

Well on another note, it's time to tell you about my balcony plans. Spencer and I haven't done anything to our balcony yet (beside add some lights) but come spring I've compiled some pictures or what I want it to look like. My mom and dad asked what Spencer and I wanted for Christmas and I sent them these pictures and told them they could make one or more of these things. They can make anything! Seriously they are beyond talented: 

Crate bench with pillows and a rug!

Ladder planter

Cinder-block planter

 And either one of these tables (the first one preferably if I can find a cheap barrel)

I ADORE the top picture! That embodies everything I want my balcony to be. So chic! So... I have been hunting for crates ever since. I've found a few, but they were all way over priced. Recently I discovered a nice man who has been selling crates locally that come from is grandfather's farm. I bought 2 for $10 each to make into the bench above and they are perfect! So cute and antique! My dad built a square piece in the middle for more support since the crates are slated and not solid. I can't wait to make a cushion for them and put it on my balcony and eat summer dinners with Spencer on it! Hurry up warm weather! 

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  1. love the crate and barrel ideas!! can't wait to see how your balcony will turn out :)