Wednesday, December 5, 2012

why do i not own these?

Got my nails done for the first time in over a month! Why does it feel so good when you walk out of that salon with fresh nail swag? The mysteries of being a woman.

Yesterday I went to Trendy Exchange (an "upscale" second hand store). Why have I not been shopping at 2nd hand stores like this more often. I mean ya I've been plenty of times and gotten good things, but sometimes I get so sick of searching through all the crap just to find a treasure. But when you're married and poor it's your best friend! I bought 1 shirt and 3 cardigans yesterday for a total of $30. That means I paid $7.50 for each piece! What a steal! Cardigans are my new best friend this winter because they can make a short sleeve shirt winter friendly. While I was realizing my DIRE (not if you ask Spencer) need for cardigans, I was thinking about all of the other things I've been dying to get. So I asked myself...


Burgundy Leather Leggings:
I'm obsessed with my black leather leggings. They give just the perfect touch of edginess to a classy outfit. So therefor I would like to add another color to the leather leg family, and I think burgundy would be the perfect shade. 

Gold Spike Bracelet:
Spikes and studs are everywhere this season. I adore them, but I haven't gotten my own yet!

I've said it before and I'll say it again... yet I haven't gotten them! Sometimes I'll find a pair I like but they are too much or don't have my size, and then last week I bought these 2 shoes below...

...guess that will set back my loafer buying by a little. But seriously how cute are those orange flats. I finally got them in the mail today! 

More Colored Jeans: 
I really want a pair of salmon pink and red!

And the perfect white/black/grey tunic t-shirt to go over leggings. Obviously I haven't found them yet...

Anywho, tonight I'm going to cook a romantic Italian dinner for Spencer and I using mushrooms we got from our Bountiful Basket. I've never liked mushrooms, or have I never tried them? Sometimes those things just run together... but how can you not like something stuffed with tomatoes and goat cheese? Dinner will be followed by tree decorating! 

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