Monday, September 24, 2012

iphone purge and reupholstered chairs

So I've been looking for some chairs for our bedroom. One to go with the desk, and the other to sit in the corner by a side table my dad is fixing up for me. These oval back chairs have been pretty pricey on ksl/craigslist, and are even more pricey from the store. BUT I lucked out and found two identical chairs sold together for only $40. They are so cute! I've been meaning to take the next step in the crafting world and reupholster these. I've never reupholstered anything but my mom is great at it so she is going to help me out. I'm going to paint the chairs white (like the ones below), and then pick a navy blue and white fabric print. Wish me luck!  

Here are the chairs. This was a picture of my computer screen so it's really bad. 


And now a few words from my iPhone:

Had some girls nights

Date night with my sister Emilee.

Went to Spencer's flag football game and watched them dominate with a DP in hand.

Sunday night cruisin'                                    
Our little balcony tomato plant is still blessing us with gifts

Homemade fries & a Swiss, pastrami cheese sandwich.          

Nail ring! Always wanted one!

I make spinach smoothies every morning, and sadly our dishwasher somehow was set on "pots and pans" (which is suuuuper hot) and therefor warped our $100 Ninja Blender. I cried. But we still have a few Bed, Bath, and Beyond gift cards so I know what those are going towards!

 So I love studs and I love white, so I was way pumped to get this case, however the plastic was super cheap and started cracking the first week I got it. I had another iPhone case that I didn't use anymore and the plastic was really sturdy so instead of buying a new case, I just spray painted my old one white, ripped off the studs, and glued them on to the painted one. Viola!

We went to the Barnum and Bailey Circus! It was so fun! I was obsessed with the animal tricks! 


  1. I want to see your chairs!!!! My internet is sucky and it won't let me see 9 of your pics so now I am at my parents who have wonderful internet and I still can't see those same 9 pics!! Uh huhuhu. How can I see your pictures, Ashley?!?!

    1. Hahaha. I don't know why. Keep trying. Maybe your parents have parental control and my pictures are just too inappropriate. ;)

  2. cute! ya it wouldn't let me see the pix either. boo...