Tuesday, March 13, 2012

*Some Wedding Odds and Ends*

This week is my last week of my internship and I am soooooooo excited (because I hate it)!! But I'm also excited to have time to do things I've been wanted to do forever, like wedding stuff, and experiment with backgrounds on this blog, and download music and sleep in! 

So I am so pumped for this wedding. Not only because I'm marrying my best friend, but because I've had this whole thing planned for years so it's not even a stress to me; it's fun! One thing I am most excited about, is my mom making my dress!! I have been telling her for the last year it's what I wanted and of course she acted like she wasn't going to do it but of course she caved! Not only is she now making my wedding dress, but my 9 bridesmaid's dresses too!! Such a trooper. We went to go pick out patterns last week and I am sooooo excited.

 I won't spoil my dress because it is one of a kind and AMAZING! I designed it of course, so how could it not be. I'll share with you a rough idea of what my bridesmaid's dresses will look like (but in yellow). Light, flowey, flattering on everyone, and something they could even wear again: 


For those of you who don't know, our wedding is going to be in  my backyard. On top of being the greatest sewer ever, my mother is also the most amazing gardener/landscaper EVER and our backyard should be on the cover of Home and Garden. Sadly I don't really have any pictures of our backyard really except for these two but you can kind of get the idea. I'm obsessed with our little stream too that runs through it!

(My sisters wedding)

Lastly, I just want to take this time to RAVE about the photographer I got for our wedding. I'm a girl who definitely enjoys to try to make money stretch as far as possible, and if you look at the prices for most photographers it's a rip off! So many people have told me that the pictures are going to be the only thing I have to remember that night by so not to skimp on a good photographer. With that said I was definitely up to the challenge of finding a budget friendly photographer. A friend of mine from high school has a sister that I knew did weddings and photo shoots. I decided to check out her fan page on Facebook and low and behold I had stumbled upon a gold mine! This girl is only 21 years old and she has more talent in her pinky than I do in my whole being. Not only is she an amazing photographer, but she is also an artist and a singer. She is working on an album as we speak and has been playing shows all over Utah. Her name is Tessa Barton and at the end of this post a will show you just a few of the pictures that made me fall in love with her style. She should seriously be taking pictures for Vogue! Because she is not one of those upscale snooty photographers I got a KILLER deal! And she even does videos and lets you have all the rights to the pictures! Oh and the best part of it all is that I want to take our wedding pictures and engagements at my Uncle's cute little rustic farm house on the Idaho boarder which is about 2 hours from Salt Lake. She is only charging me around $50 for the drive! NO photographer would EVER do that without charging an arm and a leg! Seriously check her out. before she becomes a mega star and raises her killer prices. I'm getting my bridals, engagements, complete wedding day, video, and rights to it all for a little over $1,500! Oh and on top of that she is gorgeous with killer style and I have such a girl crush on her! Check here out:

Tessa Barton

This last photo is her in the flesh and this is the photo that sold me!! So gorgeous! I'm no model though, so fingers crossed that she can make me look like one!


  1. the bridesmaid dresses look so pretty! i love them! and your pictures are gonna be awesome! i am so excited!

  2. Well good! I was hoping I picked something everyone liked! Haha. Although if you hated it I would still make you wear it anyway! ;-)