Monday, March 19, 2012

Blonde Moments...

So this last weekend Spence and I went to Vegas to have a little party for his parents' birthdays. Well apparently Vegas doesn't like me because it was hot all week before I got there and it is hot all this next week, but I was given rain and cold. How rude Vegas! So this week I had 3 great blonde moments (which Spence would say happens often). First off, half way to Vegas I realized I had forgotten underwear, socks, pajamas, and my shoes for the next days outfit. Whaaa??? Who does that!? Needless to say I got the Wal-Mart special in the sock and panties department but I had to just wear the same jeans again because the leather leggings I had brought for Saturday just weren't going to cut it with TOMS shoes.

Here is the exact outfit I brought to wear so obviously not TOMS appropriate. I got the leggings from Windsor here. and I'm obsessed with them. Oh and isn't my prego BFF Alisha just adorable! Meet you soon baby girl!

The next blonde moment came when all the lights were turned off in the house and everyone was in bed. I had to find my way from Spencer's bedroom to my bedroom so naturally I pulled out my handy dandy flashlight app that I had downloaded for my iPhone. Well it was some how malfunctioning because it wouldn't stay on constantly; it just kept flashing! The next day I was having the same problem until... I realized I was using a camera app I had downloaded and that constant flashing was was the flash of my camera! I finally realized it when I found about 16 of these babies on my phone (I compiled a few of my personal favorites): 

Now this last blonde moment isn't actually mine, but I was a part of it so I had to include it. Spencer's dad is a smart man, but since he just turned 68 he is allowed a senior moment every once and a while. Friday night he had misplaced his cell phone and was using the home phone to call it. I decided to help him and as a stood near the bedroom I could hear it faintly but than I lost it. Joel (Spencer's dad) had wandered to the other end of the house when he soon yelled at me to come into the bathroom. 
"I can hear it in here!" he yelled. "I think it's coming through the vents!"  
Well you certainly could hear it in the bathroom, but as he wandered away I noticed the ringing was wandering with him. 
"Joel, is it in your pocket?"
And wouldn't you know... it was. Haha I laughed for a good five minutes.

I have about ZERO pictures from this weekend, but I here are the ones I managed to snag: 

Don't mind my awkward pose. Spencer was obviously thrilled about Joel snapping this gem.  

This is Spencer's mom (who I absolutely adore). For her birthday we picked her out a bikini because she was joking that she needed one to match all the other daughter-in-laws at Lake Tahoe.

I made Spencer pull over when I saw a giant sign that said "Bulldogs" on a pet store. They are my dream dog and I am going to make Spencer get me one when we live somewhere that will allow it. Ugg they were adorable!!! I just wanted to eat them! 

And lastly (and very off topic), I wont be able to sleep tonight because I am too excited to go see the studio apartment that me and Spence are hoping to get. We see it tomorrow morning. We haven't actually seen the inside yet (besides pictures of the drywall up) because they are still being built as we speak but we've seen the floor plan. Here is (another) picture of the outside Gosh they are adorable! Wish us luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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