Monday, March 12, 2012

The Future (aka the next 2 weeks) Looks Bright!!

So some exciting things happened this week, and there are some more exciting things to come that I am antsy about! First off, I got an iPhone! Finally! It was a little graduation present to myself. I’m pretty sure Spencer was more excited then I was. He walked right up to the counter at Verizon and told them what’s up. Haha. Second, the weather here in Provo is great! Spring has sprung early! Me and Spencer were once again able to start our “Sunday walks” back up because it was so warm. We didn’t actually walk though, we took the scooter. We went to Sonic and got a drink, and then drove past our (hopefully) new apartment (more on that later). 
The iPhone case I just ordered. Isn't it just the cutest!!!

I can call him fiance now. Weird. 

I also got a chance to go snowboarding for the 2nd time and I'm a pro!! Well, almost. I didn't fall once my last run down the mountain and it was very exciting. 

Well, I can't tell everyone how excited I am for the next 2 weeks. Some big things are in store. This weekend we are going to Vegas for Spencer's parents birthday. And on top of that... we are looking at rings! Yay. I've decided to go with the first one from my last post. I can't wait to have the real deal on my hand. Another thing happening is that on the 20th we get to go tour the studio apartment we've had our eye on! They are brand new and still being built. They are also completely furnished with nice new furniture so we don't have to buy any! Here is a picture of the outside. I'm so excited for the cute balcony! 

I've always strayed away from studio apartments but this one has a half wall to separate the bedroom so it's not bad at all. Plus there are so many cute things you can do to make the room feel separate that I've found.

Sliding barn doors

The last thing that I am very excited for this week is a job interview. Tomorrow I have an interview at Intermountain Healthcare for receptionist/front desk position. I'm very excited for it. It's taken me a while but I've finally realized that it is ok to not do anything with your major if it doesn't make you happy or you don't want to. It's really just the degree that matters. There has been nothing I've enjoyed as much as my receptionist/secretary jobs and I wan't to work somewhere that I love. So fingers crossed! I need to make some dough so I can put the (future) hubby through school. I'm a grown-up! Yikes!! 

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