Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Putting A Ring On It...

Are all my posts going to be about the wedding... no... but I can't help that that's whats on my mind so tough cookies. So as most of you know I was proposed to with a fake ring. I was the one behind this plan because:

a) I would never trust anyone but myself to pick out a ring I had to wear for the rest of my life and
b) I hate when couples pick out the ring before hand because then the engagement is not a true TRUE surprise. I wanted to be totally caught off guard and BABY OH BABY I was!! 

So, Spencer's sister-in-law is good friends with a family that owns a custom ring store in Vegas so we are planning on going down there next weekend. Let me tell you I am one of those girls that has had her wedding planned for ages! Not because I was overly excited to get married, but because I am a control freak and I don't know how you can go into something unplanned. I mean I knew I was getting married one day right? Might as well be prepared for it and make your life easy when you get to that point. Well, the ring on the other hand was one of the LAST things I had prepared for. All I have to say is God bless Pintrest. 

So if you know me, then you know I am not traditional. In fact I am the ANTI-traditional. My wedding dress is going to be short, I'm not planning on having a bouquet (I mean why do I want to carry something around all day that I'm just going to be trying to figure out where to put it down so that I can find it again later). No thanks. I hate cake (I'm having pie) and I hate in general the "cake cutting" moment. Oh yay! You've finally reached a stage where you can be trusted with sharp utensils! BORING! And forget about not seeing the bride until the wedding day! We are taking our bridals (and groomals?) weeks in advance because the last thing I want to do on MY (I mean our) day is stand around taking pictures. The list goes on, and when it comes to the ring, I'm no different. 

First off, going along with my "non-traditionalist" views, I don't like anything bling-y, princess-y, diva-licious, or overly-flashy. As Spencer would put it, "Nah man, that ain't me." I think in today's society we put to much emphasis on the ring. "Oh you're engaged? Let me see the ring so I can judge it, and decide if your marriage will last based on it's clarity and size." The ring is not the important part to me. It's the man that puts it on my finger. He is the one that needs to measure up to all my expectations. Beside, why the heck would I want thousands of dollars on my hand to walk around with everyday! If you know me and my rate of losing things, then you know that is a disaster waiting to happen. 

So now to unveil my choices! Da-dadada!!! Well for starters, I don't want a silver ring (which I never thought I would say). I want a rose gold/almost copper ring. I mean silvers great, but for me and the type of ring I want I think it would only look good with a colored diamond. Sometimes I don't like the way the silver and the diamonds blend together into this big ball of SHINE... 

If I have a diamond I just want it to stand out. Shiny on shiny just isn't me and doesn't do the diamond justice. It's hard to see where the diamond ends and the band begins. I also want the metal to be a little rough and not shiny. I love the contrast of the two. With that said here are my two rings I am debating between. I love them both (although Spencer loves one more than the other) but only one ring will prevail. Best of luck to you both. Keep in mind these are not exact but they are pretty close.

This was the first one I found. Simple. Clean. Classic. I wouldn't mind it in a rectangle shape either. 

This is the other ring I love! It's so different. OBVIOUSLY those aren't diamonds so you have to imagine it with diamonds. And the diamonds would be closer together so you can't see any metal in between on the 2 triangle sections. Anyway there you have it. Decisions, decisions. Only one week to decide my life sentence!


  1. i LOVE the first one!! it is so pretty!! i'm so excited!!

  2. I was the same way! My ring is just a band because I didn't are about spending 5 billion dollars on a ring. and I loooove the first one you posted with the square diamond. I want it. Also, I TOTALLY agree about non-traditional. We had out wedding in California cause I didn't want the same stupid wedding everyone else has. NO LINE. And in-n-out burger catered our wedding haha. I also didn't want a cake either, but I did end up getting a cheap one from a bakery like 2 days before because everyone kept telling me I had to have a cake. I had pies though :) Lastly you should have Alixann Loosle shoot your wedding. I love her. I don't know what style you like but I think she is amazing! Good luck planning!

  3. ooh fun! I think deep down you like that second one better.... and you are so honest in this blog...haha, so great.

  4. - Spencer: But deep down inside she knows she cant get the second one cuz she hasnt reach a high enough level to get that ring from the Guildmaster.

    -Me: If you couldn't tell Spencer thinks the 2nd one looks like I've joined the Free Masons or some secret society. But I probably am going with the first one. It looks more like a wedding ring and Spencer doesn't hate it. Haha oh Alisha you know me too well. Allie I saw pictures of your wedding and it looked so fun! I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates tradition. I actually asked Tessa Barton to do my photos. I love her style. But if it falls through I will definitely look up Alixann! Thanks Laura! Me too!

    - Spencer: At this non-traditional rate we might as well rent some Renascence costumes and have Frodo be the ring bearer. It'll be just like the themed wedding I went to for my cousins that were World of Warcraft addicts! And well just have the kabobs served on the ends swords of the swordsman waiters we have walking around....perfect...

  5. P.S. And one of the main reasons why I am using Tessa is because I want to take my engagements/bridals at my Uncle's old looking farm house on the Idaho boarder and I know that NO photographer would be willing to drive 2 hours (without charging an arm and a leg) but Tessa is totally down.